Impractical Occultists

Impractical Occultists by Manly P. Hall

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Manly P. Hall

The greatest stumbling block that confronts students of the Wisdom Teachings seems to be the problem of proper application. A large number of so-called students are merely theorists living in a world of their own creation, separated by transcendental ideas from all of the practical problems of life.  They live, move and have their being within a crystalline shell of their own making which they seem unable to break through to contact the daily problems of life.

The great cry is not for abstract ideas but for practical remedies to be applied to the world inharmonies and international diseases which we know as plagues, wars and economic disturbances! (Further reading: Occult Diseases – A Review Of Unbalance. By Manly Hall.)

Occultists and mystics who are not able to apply their philosophies to the great bread and butter necessities of life have failed entirely to grasp the real truths of Universal Knowledge. Why do we find so many students who have lost contact with their brother man? They live alone on the tops of mountains, gazing down with supercilious mien upon the tiny ants and grubs which appear mere grains of nothingness from their elevated (but not superior) position.

Why does the student have the feeling that everyone is beneath him in ethics and ideals? And why-oh why is he too good to work?

This list of questions might be continued indefinitely as one unexplainable why after another passes in endless procession few of them complimentary to the traits and qualities exhibited by so-called students of the Wisdom Teachings.

There is no denying the fact that are unusual people but the strangest of all are the pseudo-mystics who are hanging between heaven and hell in a wonderous parachute of self-created concepts. Their eyes are upon the stars ( with which they seek union) and thoughtlessly and heedlessly they push less fortunate brothers to one side, trampling on the rights of others, shirking with studious care their own responsibilities.

They seem to feel, for some unknown reason, that the world should honor, adore, and bask in the presence of all who claim to be seekers of the Light and that all should hasten to cooperate in perpetuating the indolence of the average truth seeker.

The “mystic” feels and expresses in his life the idea that the world owes him a living; that it should honor, respect and support him and rush to his beck and call because his mind is filled with contemplation of the absolute being engaged in such weighty and brain-wracking thoughts his inspiration should not be disturbed by the rent man, the grocer or the cries of an atrophying stomach but that someone gathered from the worlds of the unenlightened should do these things for him and so leave the master dreamer undisturbed in his celestial nightmares.

Let us study these questions, the eternal whys, and arrange them with the analytical mind of a logical thinker -free from much spirituality and theoretical concept- and find the underlying innate reason concealed behind these eccentricies of the exponents of divine wisdom.

An old saying is that the Devil is proficient in quoting Scripture and always does it to purpose, and just so the lowest qualities in human nature eternally seek vindication beneath a mock robe of the highest and most beautiful.

When we ask the question-why does not an occultist work? He excuses himself by saying he is serving the Lord, is concentrating upon world salvation or unfolding his consciousness through hours of meditation and other strange exercises which he is forced to perform twenty-four hours a day that he may prevent an earthquake, a tidal wave, or a revolution.

Another will tell you that he cannot find anything to do that is congenial with his spiritual views; another is incapacitated by a delicate constitution, etcetera. This is what they tell us but when we analyze the problem we find that the real reason for the inertia among the “divine” is unadulterated laziness, which inherent desire to escape labor seeks to cloak itself beneath spirituality.

It is this innate quality of the lower bodies to escape the battle of the world which is the basis of recluses, hermits, and cranks. First it is a habit, then an eccentricity, later a fanaticism, then an obsession, and finally a murderer.

Man humors these lazy little principles within himself until they become giants and he is murdered by his own creations.

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Impractical Occultists

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A large percentage of so-called students of mystic philosophy make no practical effort to be useful in world affairs or to meet the battles of life and the real reason for this is they are lazy hut have found a pleasant, intellectual, highly respectable channel of human expression in which they can make themselves believe that inertia is a virtue. And whatever doctrine teaches that laziness is a desirable condition will he attended by an overflowing membership.

No one likes to work without special training. No matter how you enjoy a certain thing if you have to do it continually it becomes monotonous. The human soul cries for freedom from routine, and so our “mystics” assume various gymnastic poses. To quote authorities on the subject: “They aspire to soar as eagles from crag to crag.”

So we see some generously proportioned disciple of things spiritual trying to balance gracefully upon one toe on a pinnacle of ethereal cloud waves or to flutter aesthetically from moonbeam to moonbeam crying in ecstasy as the gentle zephyrs flush his cheeks – free as a bird!

Upon this basis of spiritual aspiration thousands of people who could make respectable grocers, clerks, window-washers, firemen and floor-walkers are now lounging around listening to delirio-scientific outbursts and waiting impatiently for their avoirdupois to become transmuted into spiritual ethers that they may slip through the window, wafted on the gentle breath of Eros!

So, we may say by way of brief condensation, that our so-called spiritual works are producing a series of lazy failures who would not do an honest day’s work for the ransom of Croesus. And to top irony with calumny they not only continue systematically to do nothing but they expect to be respected and praised for it and pointed out as glorious spiritual successes as they loll around waiting, like Wilkins Micawber, for “something to turn up.”

“Occultists” with temperament are not uncommon. Some simply can’t stand a breath of air! Others are overwhelmed with nausea when they contact an ordinary human being; some are shrouded in repugnance when it becomes necessary to converse with a menial person; while our scintillating lights of brotherhood edge gently away from such individuals as brick-layers, butchers and ministers.

Most of our “mystics” have super nerves and a large percentage of them have that peculiar disease which turns the backbone into a wishbone, said wishbone being very wabbly and lacking sufficient strength to permit the individual leaning himself against it. This makes it necessary for him to find someone else to lean on, to tell his troubles to and blame for all his failures.

A person who is not busily engaged in something is a danger to the community, regardless of his religion. Wars, crimes, pestilences, gossip and parlor-parasites are the outgrowths and products of the germ of laziness.

And never mind how “spiritual” a person may be if he is not really busy at some material, tangible and result-producing thing he is a danger not only to himself but to others who might be infected by the bacilli he is propagating. The sooner occultists get the idea out of their system that it is degenerating to be one with the world the sooner they will really become spiritual. (Further reading: Occult Q&A By Manly P. Hall)

Impractical Occultists

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Taking it as a general entire at the present time the mystics, new thoughtists and so-called spiritual students are the most unreliable series of people alive. Their word is not worth “shucks,” their powers of concentration are nil, they do not know one end of an umbrella from another, and are as lazy as all outdoors. When put to work to earn their daily bread like the rest of suffering humanity all they do is stand around and try to impress others with the necessity of realizing that an electron is smaller than a molecule or that God is all there is.

This class entirely overlook the fact that if God is all there is that it is unnecessary for one part of Him to tell the other part about it. If each will mind his own business God will take care of the entire. There is no class more dangerous than the soul-savers who having just found a little light become overly enthusiastic about it.

They rouse you out of bed in the wee small hours, serenade under your windows or make you stand out in the back yard while the muffins are burning informing you that your present concepts are sure to result in a permanent Turkish bath for you after demise.

It is the height of sarcasm to have some worm-eaten individual – whose handclasp reminds you that your fingers have closed over a clam, whose limpid personality has neither backbone, strength, activity nor even the human attributes of cheerfulness – come up to you with tears in his eyes and try to save your soul or illuminate your consciousness in the ways of success at the same time borrow two ninety-eight until next week.

Now comes a still more important problem -oh why are all occultists “broke?”

There is more pecuniary embarrassment among our modern spiritual demonstrators than in the immigrant class. Every one of them are strictly up against it and when asked why they will answer that the world has not treated them right and that their high spiritual motives make it impossible for them to join the ranks of money-grabbers and punctilious cash profiteers who make up our business systems.

The “mystic” will tell you that his tender consciousness revolts against commercialism, therefore he is not well fixed because he cannot go back to that money-mad world he left behind!

However his conscience never seems to revolt against letting somebody else go out and earn it for him, and we find from proofs that when our “mystic” does get any money he is just as commercial as the person he points out as a horrible example.

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Now, why, in plain English, is he broke?

The answer is, he lacks concentration of purpose, system, regularity, efficiency and worst of all he cannot take orders. The average occultist will condescend to be the leader of almost anything but to be an office boy shocks his tender sentiments. He believes that his knowledge of rounds and periods should make him of inestimable value in a boiler factory and qualify him to be the president of a paper clip manufacturing company on general principles.

The fact that he has a personal contact with God should highly recommend him in the world of affairs; when in reality it only places the taboo mark on him for the businessman has found that dreamy mystics do not sell china well nor peg good shoes.

One of the main reasons why occultists do not succeed in business is the fact that the world is filled with a number of people, each one of them desiring to think as he pleases, wear what he pleases, eat what he pleases and smoke stogies if he so desires. When he goes to buy a pair of shoes or have an inch sawed off of his cork leg and the salesman tries to baptize him or initiate him into the value of hops tea, he does not usually return but goes where they sell shoes instead of scintillating advice.

There is a very wide gap between heaven and earth and the businessman who lives in heaven all the time will undoubtedly lose his customers. Heaven is a very abstract space, it does not satisfy an appetite nor vulcanize tires and the individual who tries to live there all his life will undoubtedly reach his goal prematurely as a result of starvation.

Impractical Occultists

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And the worst part it is that these “occultists” will never reach heaven by the routes that they have assigned for themselves but day by day in every way they are going further and further astray! Their theories will not bring down the price of milk in summer nor clean the mosquitoes out of the Jersey flats. They will not inaugurate an era of brotherhood hut if the modern religious mystic got hold of conditions we would have a “smotherhood” rule instead.

We have wars regularly, earthquakes per annum, pestilences, crime waves, etcetera, just as though occultists did not gather around their cold slaw like the farmers used to do down in Rumpus Ridge where they discussed the next election over the checkerboard.

And when all is taken and boiled down, in spite of much talk, there are very few occultists who have really done anything for themselves or anyone else which they couldn’t have done as atheists just as well.

All they have amassed is a series of intellectual concepts and theoretical speculations which have never been applied and would not work if they were. That rather hazy word ”Truth” covers a multitude of sins; “the realization of God” covers a lot more; “the impersonal” is a mystic tarpaulin, while “divine love” reaches entirely across the gamut between bootleg and blackmail. (Further reading: Vocabulary of Occult Terms (A to J))

But all this does not produce honest politics nor do the great international problems adjust themselves through our mystic luminaries and if it was not for the work of a few who really do know and do apply, things would be in a very sorry plight indeed.

There is but one answer to the question and this is the practical living of a life of daily service and helpfulness in the community. When the student applies to living problems which surround him the theoretical knowledge – which is useless until so applied – he will be an occultist but not before.

While the occultist evades the material world he overlooks one of nature’s most fundamental laws. Let the mystic remember that he was not ordained to be ornamental but to be useful. He should also remember that hell, not heaven, is to be the field of his activities because from last reports heaven is quite able to take care of itself.

A mystic who believes that heaven is to be his resting place and that he will be privileged to lounge forever on a bed of phoenix feathers to gargle nectar and ambrosia through sunbeam straws has a cruel awakening before him!

He may as well get used to adversity right here because in accepting the Master’s work he has signified his willingness to give up the comforts and peace which mark material existence and work in any way which may be given to him in the name of the great Light which he is seeking to discover.

Impractical Occultists

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The realization that the world’s salvation depends upon the willingness of mankind to learn lessons is of great importance and students who go around fussing and stewing because of the adversity which surrounds them are not setting examples worthy of a moment’s consideration.

The world needs practical people, it needs better lawyers, better doctors, better ministers, government officials, and able citizens. Conscientious shopkeepers, mechanics and artisans whose work is better and more perfect will thus help to glorify the entire. All constructive works are noble and worthy and conscientious labor with the ability to master the unpleasantness of routine is necessary for advancement.

The average occultist does not realize what an important place a handshake fills in character analysis. Have you ever shaken hands with a “mystic?” Try it some time. You will find that his hand slips out between your fingers before you can close them; his hand is clammy, mushy and semi-glutinous while the fingers never exert themselves sufficiently to close; the arm and hand droops and the mentality, power and health is in exact accordance with the lifeless member.

Their voices are sing-songy and no deeper than the front teeth, and they are prone to sighing which is a sign, we believe, of a collapsing diaphragm. Their backs are weak, their knees wabble and they are spending their lives eating pre-digested pickles and non-protein prunes a la sweibach in order to piece out an absolutely useless existence.

If these were outpourings of the Mystery Schools, occultism would have died ages ago. But thank goodness, these peculiar specimens are not occultists nor students of anything! They are too weak in most cases to chew their own food-mentally, spiritually or physically-and are merely collapsing organisms who are using occultism as a refined method of disintegrating.

You will find the true disciple of the Mystery School out doing things in every walk of life whether it is driving stakes, carrying girders, building homes or cleaning drain pipes, he is at work. He sings at his labors while the weak and lazy sigh at their inertia. His body is strengthened by toil, his hands are blistered with the world’s work, and ever in his heart, he is the master mystic.

For his hands have built the dreams of his soul into the things his brother needs! He has built homes to shelter the children of men; he has cleaned the drains that they might be well. His own work is carried on as a menial but he is the one who has won the game.

Many a god has bowed in humble servility to one far less than he, while many a fool has stood on his hind legs to sneer at the divine!

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Source: “The All-seeing Eye” Magazine By Manly P. Hall
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