The White Elephant and the Immaculate Conception.

The White Elephant and the Immaculate Conception. By Manly P.Hall

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Manly P. Hall

The White Elephant is the ancient Oriental symbol of transmuted matter. For ages white has been used to symbolize purification, to represent a cleansed or bleached surface exposed to the light of the sun, spiritual or physical. According to science those substances which absorb light are black or dark in color while those which reflect light are white or pale in color.

The unpurified earth absorbs the light of the sun, as do all the other planets, therefore is called negative while the sun is a vitalizer and the life-giver and is called positive.

For many ages, the white robe has stood for a purified body, trimmed in red for transmuted emotion and sky blue for spirituality. As man’s first labor is to purify and prepare matter to become the throne of a divine essence, the end of this process is concealed under the symbol of the white elephant which is the symbol that India has given for the redemption of matter and its transmutation into a purified garment for the manifestation of spirit.

It is said in the ancient stories that Buddha was conceived as a White Elephant and that at the moment of his conception a great spiritual ray descended into matter. Most of the great Initiates are said to have been born of Immaculate Conceptions.

The reason for this is that ages of preparation are necessary before the master is either ordained or the vehicle for his manifestation properly cleansed and prepared.

All the initiations that lead to immortality are taken on the physical plane while the candidate is in a concrete physical body. There are no initiations between lives and every candidate for spiritual enlightenment must pass the tests of initiation here in this world of matter.

There are no records of a Great One who was born conscious of his mission. Some have received light very young, one at twelve years of age, while another did not comprehend his mission until he was nearly ninety years old.

This does not mean that the Great Ones do not possess their knowledge before birth but that it takes the incoming consciousness from twelve to ninety years to bring its sacred wisdom out through the body which it is manifesting through. The consciousness of the enlightened is so highly developed that only the most finely attuned instrument is capable of registering it in this world.

The Immaculate Conception is that process in nature which prepares for the coming of a great Adept, Initiate or World Savior, for such do not come alone into the world but are properly heralded and their way prepared. He could not come in without the world knowing it for certain qualities come with him and one of them is a great dynamo of flaming light.

In the case of the Master Jesus there were chosen as his parents two of the Order of the Nazarenes, sometimes called the Essenes. They were set apart from all mankind, both in spirit and in life, so that their bodies were purified to the degree that the shock of the coming fire-globe might not destroy them.

If this preparation had not taken place they would have died from the rates of vibration set in motion.

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The White Elephant and the Immaculate Conception.

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Before the coming of a World Teacher, there is always a period of preparation during which time his body is chosen for him and the atoms of the vehicles purified to the utmost degree possible.

The children that are brought into the world at the present time bring as their heritage about sixteen generations of scrofula and not one child in a multitude is born free of inherited disease or physical imperfection of a serious nature for which the parents are responsible.

When the Master or Initiate is coming into the world he cannot use these physiological concoctions commonly known as bodies for they are the basis of limitation.

Every impurity in them limits him more and more and his work demands freedom of consciousness for he has come to assist in the overpowering of limitation. And so in order to facilitate his work every care is taken to see that he is supplied with as pure a vehicle as the world can make and when such a one is found or prepared the great consciousness descends as a ray of light into it and takes control.

But no matter how fine the body may be it always retains some impurity for there is no living thing at the present time that is one hundred percent perfect as the very food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe assist in defiling the body.

Therefore, it takes the Initiate from twelve to ninety years to impregnate this body with the full consciousness of his power. Before the ego is capable of revivifying his bodies he is as much in darkness as other men and often in his younger life the Initiate to-be does not live in accordance with his wisdom. All have to fight the hereditary instinct.

This inheritance is not a part of the spirit but is the incessant voice of the bodies and ofttimes it takes ages before the voice of the appetites can be stilled.

We say that Buddha was conceived as a White Elephant, that is, in the most perfect body that could be prepared for him. When the spiritual consciousness entered it, all nature felt a vibratory thrill.

Anyone who has studied vibration realizes that even the presence of a great power will cause nature to quake. The first time that the occult student meets his teacher he is usually prostrated.

No unfoldment of consciousness can come to the candidate here without a disintegrating effect upon the physical body; when the candidate takes up his work and comes in touch with those powers that be in nature, these occult qualities often tear down his organisms, causing him sickness and suffering.

A certain teacher in this country was once sitting reading at a desk when the form of Master appeared to him for the purpose of giving a certain message. At the moment of his appearance the person sitting in the chair was electrified by a shock, not unlike the feeling that comes over us when we touch a live wire; in spite of nerves of steel and an indomitable willpower, this person was unable to stand up or move but just sat there with the tears running down his face.

Madame Blavatsky said that electricity is the fringe of the garment of an unknown deity whose heart no man knoweth. The electric force generated within the body of the Master would put the average individual to sleep, and if it be a great Master the rates of vibration may destroy the student.

This is the same thing which often embarrasses the student while studying or listening to a lecture. There will come over the man overpowering desire to go to sleep; it is not a normal desire hut the result of the presence of rates of vibration that are too high for them.

So we must realize the necessity of preparing for discipleship and the coming of a great master, whatever day or age of the world it may be. The great spiritual entity that takes control must be properly welcomed and prepared for.

There are not three bodies in the world at the present time capable of bringing an Initiate into the world and you can count on your fingers those who could bring in an Adept without disintegration.

Only the lowest egos are capable of finding bodies at the present time and when there are not a certain number of older souls to guide the race, it speedily collapses. The fall of a race takes place when the bodies of its members become so crystallized that the teachers are incapable of working through them. As long as there is one body in a race that is capable of giving entrance to the powers of the unseen, then that race shall live, but no longer.

The coming of the Great Initiate is the White Elephant-the rarest thing on earth. When we are able to produce the environments, bodies, and qualities necessary to bring in great intelligence then we shall have the influxes of knowledge needed for the development of a race.

Two things are necessary for the manifestation of a World Savior; one is the spirit descending into matter and the other is matter ascending into a spiritualized state. A Great One cannot come down into crystallization, neither can inanimate substance become a god in such a length of time, and so they meet at a central point.

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The White Elephant and the Immaculate Conception.

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Buddha was not born consciously as a Great Initiate and in his early life he undoubtedly did many things that were not in harmony with the great wisdom which later expressed through him. He is not to be condemned for the limitation but is to be treated and considered generously, as all living things though they be gods incarnate, are limited in some manner by the bodies that contain them.

The desertion of his wife and child has always brought condemnation to Buddha but let us consider it for a moment from a broader standpoint. The reason for Buddha’s youth is shown in the story of his boyhood; the great soul coming into the world was immersed in materiality which was symbolized by the flower garden of the king; he was ever surrounded by the animal and human qualities which seek to prevent the release of the Buddha within and it was not until he had wandered for over forty years that he consciously connected himself with the message he had come to bring and through the living of which knowledge he gained liberation.

The Buddhas are men who have reached liberation from the wheel of birth and death and many of them are wonderful because of the purely human side of their being. All through his life Buddha loved with the finest side of human sentiment; when he sat under the Bo-hi tree waiting for the last revelation and the realization of his two great truths, all the demons of nature came to tempt him.

But he is said to have remained in silence, unchanged and unmoved, saying, “I have no attachment for these things for they are the unreality.” The last temptation that came to him was the vision of his beloved wife and child. Then, it was said, that great Siddhartha groaned. But he gave them up also and in this he won illumination; he gave up one for the good of many, sacrificing his own love for the service to the world; two were sad, five hundred million gladdened.

So we cannot but believe that he took the wise course. And so they have all, these Great Ones, wandered years before they found themselves, searching to discover and lift out from the shroud of the body the knowledge that they had gained in the past and the memory of the work they had come to do.

Always behind the veil of mortal things there are those who are glad and willing to serve their brothers in the world; the saviors and sages of the ages are there but are unable to act for between them and us is a wall which can never be pierced until through the Immaculate Conception we build a body here for them to function in.

The greatest thing that stands between the world today and the Golden Age of a spiritual Renaissance is sixteen generations of scrofula, thoughtless parents, and general in harmony in the home and in the world. These are the things which man himself has created and they alone prevent the advance of his gods and the spreading of his light. From the unseen worlds behind us, around us, and before us, comes everything that we are, have been or shall be.

Tiny lives come to use that seem too small to fight the battle and yet mayhaps in their souls is the wisdom of the gods and through these tiny organisms, when unfolded by the conscious labor of the spirit within, will come the masters and gods.

So the story of the conception of the White Elephant is the way to perfection by the purification of bodies that the Lord may ride among his people upon the back of this stately beast.

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