Energy Vampires, What is and How to spot them.

Energy Vampires, What is and How to spot them.

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Have you ever left an interaction with a friend or relative and immediately needed a nap?  Do you feel drained of energy emotionally and physically just by being around them? Do you find yourself having explosive anger and you’re not really sure where it’s coming from? 

How much of your life are you feeling like a “prisoner” to fulfill the needs of others? Have you tried to break out of the cycle, but then find yourself back in the same situation all over again?  Have you ever felt like you have to prepare before the meeting with a friend or relative, or to make excuses because you felt like you’re going into battle?

If these symptoms resonate with you, chances are you are a victim of Energy vampirism.

Energy vampirism is the process whereby one person, through manipulation, essentially steals some life energy from another. Many refer to this type of person as an Energy Vampire.

Our existence and health rely on having adequate of a subtle life energy flowing throughout the body and brain. Many names have been given to this energy such as vital force, life force, prana, qi, and others. Each individual is born with a certain amount of it. As we grow older, it slowly diminishes, eventually causing the death of the body, unless something can be done to reverse the process.

Each individual is supposed to live off his or her own life energy, happily and independently.  However, many people do not come into contact with this energy or have been traumatized in some ways that make it difficult to be in touch with their own power of life or energy. These people can also learn or be taught, often as children, how to steal energy from others.

Keep in mind that most people give away some of their energy to others. This is good if you are in control of the situation. It is vampirism if you are not in control, and others, in fact, manipulate your energy field in certain ways to extract energy in a stealth manner.

This is a parasitic relationship in which one person feeds off of the life-force energy of another person.  These people who feed off of the life force of another person, who drained other people’s energy, are often called energy vampires (or psychic vampires).

What is Energy Vampire

Energy Vampires, What is and How to spot them.
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An energy vampire is a term used to describe a living person who has allowed their vibration to become so low that they need to “feed off” the energies of those around them – and “drain” them emotionally – in order to function and feel satisfied.

This energy can be in the form of physical energy, emotional energy, spiritual energy, mental energy, sexual energy, whatever form of energy but it’s the energy. The energy vampire has also been labeled psychic vampire, emotional vampire, empathic vampire, sexual vampire.

They do this either by draining the auric life force (empathically) or by taking emotionally without giving anything back (metaphorically). Energy vampires are represented in the occult beliefs of various cultures and in fiction, like the dementors in Harry Potter films.

Energy vampires simply cannot survive without feeding off the energy of others. And this is exactly what they do. They may not act consciously in this way, but they have relied on other’s energies for so long that they don’t know another way of living. An energy vampire symbolizes someone who feels vulnerable, lost and doesn’t think they can survive on their own.

They also may not feel the need enough to increase their own vibration, so they take to lowering the energies of those around them in order to increase their own frequency. Sometimes, an energy vampire can hide their dark motives quite well, but in general, they stand out easily.

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There was a study done by the parapsychology foundation of New York that found certain people were highly skilled at deliberately tapping into and directly feeding upon the aura of others by draining energy from another person’s aura they depleted the auras energy resource interrupting the capacity of new energy, particularly when the interaction was prolonged.

Who are these energy vampires? Well, they can be people very close to you, they can be a spouse, your children, your parents, relatives, they can be co-workers or virtually anyone you run into.

So, no doubt you know people like this and probably care about them, too. They may protest their love and care for you. That makes it hard to get away from these energy-sucking relationships.

If you come into contact with the energy vampire, you will start to feel exhausted. You’ll start to feel confused like you’re very out of sorts, you might even start to feel depressed,  your energy is going to be depleted and you won’t even know it hits you.

Just like the old fairy tales of the blood-sucking vampires most the time they strike and you don’t even know what to ascribe your feelings to.

Because you haven’t identified who it is in your environment that’s causing you to feel this way.

How does an Energy Attack happen?

When a psychic attack occurs, the energy vampire receives an energy outburst while the victim experiences fatigue.

People who suck the energy of others normally do so unwittingly. This sucking occurs when a person’s energy is depleted and has to be replenished and hence absorbs the energy of another person. It’s not uncommon for a person who is ill or feels inadequately emotionally, to draw upon or deplete energized individuals of their life force. They are not bad people or evil, and most of them do not realize what they are doing. They are desperate victims in their minds.

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The main way to extract energy from another person is to upset the person. These are two ways to do this:

  1. Intimidation, threats or actual violence of any kind
  2. Seduction, pleasure, flattery or spoilage.

In both cases, a person falls out of balance, and this causes the person to give up some energy of life. Many energy vampires have the ability to mix them in very efficient ways.

But here we have to point out something quite different.

It is impossible to give away your energy to anyone and it is impossible to take energy from anyone.

All that ever happens is that an energy vampire acts in such a way, that by virtue of perceiving them, we begin to think thoughts that cause us to restrict our own source flow. That energy current, cannot flow into our physical body and when that happens we see ailments. All of these physical symptoms are the byproduct of depriving our own source current.

The harm in a energy attack (or psychic attack) is that there is no fair exchange of energy and therefore one feels depleted while the other becomes energized.

Energy Vampires, What is and How to spot them.
Image By Pixabay

Energy Vampire Traits

The following is a short list of the main attributes of an Energy vampire to be considered a true Energy vampire a person has to meet several criteria on this list.

The energy vampire lives in an atmosphere of self-ignorance

We are all on the process to self-discovery, so to some degree or other we are all in the dark relative to ourselves. But the energy vampire has less of an investment, placed in self-awareness than they do on survival, and survival means preying off of others.

As long as they are getting this energy from others they don’t have much incentive to heal themselves and thus become entirely self-aware. This can be hard to see however because they tend to run in circles of people who really do want to be self-aware. Spiritual circles and healing modalities are a special favorite of theirs. This is why.

In general spiritual people are the most open to other people. Their defenses are low and they are forgiving.  When you surround yourself with those who practice thinking the best of others, it is easy to go unnoticed and make others feel sorry for our pain when we hurt them, instead of cutting us from their lives.

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They feed off of negative attention

They cause problems and create unnecessary interpersonal friction on purpose so that they can have all eyes on them. These people pick fights incessantly. Because of this, you will feel like you are back to zero with them over and over again, no matter how much you try to help them or solve problems in the relationship.

It is not the healing they want it’s the attention you give them when they are causing problems that they want. This person will not get better no matter how much they say they want to get better because that is not their incentive.

They are overly critical of others

They don’t feel good about themselves so, criticize and judge others harshly. This is an attempt to make themselves feel better and bring others down. When you tell them some good news, they will find a negative point to point out instead.

 They are deceptive

Their number one favorite for developing rapport amongst people is to turn people against each other. They are famous for picking sides, for playing sites, for pitting people against each other, because they can feed off of the energy of someone siding with them.

Instead of engaging in fair play, where two parties agree to engage in the emotional battlefield of an argument, they strike when it’s least expected when there is no provocation. They do this so that in your moment of weakness they can actually feel more powerful and their self-concept can come up. You will feel drained in a negative unsatisfying way even by the thought of this person.

Energy Vampires, What is and How to spot them.
Image By Pixabay
Quilt, is their absolute favorite way of attack

It not only causes them to feel powerful and in the right. It also makes people slacken and apologize and extend some gesture of appreciation or approval towards them, which is a form of forcing some to gift them energy. They use everything you tell them against you.

Νothing you say to them will stay with them, these people are the Sultans of spin. They select portions of what you say to defend their position against you. Most especially things you say from a place of vulnerability.

Energy vampires do not trust anyone

They live their lives in a state of perpetual paranoia. Most of them are perfectionistic they strive for appearances but as their external world gets more pristine their internal world becomes meaningless and bleak.

They need to feel something but they feel nothing

So they participate in very extreme behaviors, just to feel something. They are preoccupied with being right and winning, because being right means to be good. This is why they pick fights and refuse to lose, and why they are not looking for a meeting of minds. The only way they can prove to themselves that they are good and worthy of love is to be right and to win at any costs.

They are perpetual martyrs

They complain constantly that people treat them wrong and nothing in their lives ever goes right. They offer to do loving things but feel put out by others. When they accept the offering, they resent others after doing things that they were never asked to do in the first place. No one can possibly understand how they feel. They like pity, it makes them feel good.

They are perpetual narcissists

They will deliberately avoid doing loving things because they feel like being loving towards others means that they will not have enough energy for themselves. They are stingy, they deprive others and argue for their right to be self-focus.

Many of them have perfect the art of passive aggression the heart of which is resentment. They ask for help but your help is of no use to them. You being unable to help them, actually enables them to feel more capable. They are preoccupied with making threats that make you act in a way which makes them feel as if they are loved. It’s a kind of entrapment, where if they withdraw they force you into chasing them.

They are self-centered

They have all the time and energy to talk about themselves, but if you attempt to interject with a story about yourself, they will have somehow manage to redirect the conversation to himself.

An energy vampire can be quite clever. If he notices that you’re no longer participate in a conversation about himself, he will re-open conversation by asking about you, but once you reply, he is quick to change the subject back to himself. This type of behavior is energy draining.

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