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The Seven Hermetic Principles

In Hermetismby Chris A. Parker1 Comment

Reading Time: 8 minutes   There are some universal laws that can be found across space and time. They illustrate to us how the Universe works. These are “The 7 hermetic principles” If you don’t like this title you …

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Amulets and Talismans-Differences and Similarities

In Magickby Chris A. ParkerLeave a Comment

Reading Time: 4 minutes   From the beginning of human civilization, the man was looking for objects with supernormal abilities that would help him as offering protection, bringing luck, wealth, cure of illness and generally achieving goals and realization of desires. These objects were one …

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Vocabulary of Occult Terms (K to Z)

In Occultby Chris A. Parker1 Comment

Reading Time: 13 minutes (For “Vocabulary of Occult Terms (A to J)” click here) KNOWLEDGE. -Science, based upon the perception and understanding of a truth. It should never be confounded with “learning,” which means the adoption of certain opinion or …