Symptoms of Energy Attack and How to Protect Yourself

Symptoms of Energy Attack and How to Protect Yourself

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Generally, If you feel drained in an unsatisfying way when you are with another person chances are very high that you have spent your time with an energy vampire. Here are some more signs of Energy attack.

  • Sudden nausea or stomach ache after or before the interaction
  • Stabbing pains around the back, chest, neck, and shoulders
  • A throbbing headache or feeling “out of it”
  • Feeling irritable, frustrated or angry for no real reason
  • Being on edge or feeling like there is a heavy cloud over you
  • Having nightmares about the person
  • Anxiety, stress or guilt for no apparent reason
  • Tightness in the chest or a shortness of breath
  • Feeling intuitively uncomfortable around this person

If you come across two or more of these symptoms after interacting with a person, it might be that you are experiencing a form of energy attack that allows the Energy Vampire to take part in your energy.

Protect yourself from an Energy attack

With energy vampires that’s one of the main things. They cannot feed or drain from someone who is an unwilling participant. If we don’t allow someone to feed from us, then they’re unable to feed from us. If this happens, we must admit that on some level (whether it’s a conscious or an unconscious) we are allowing this to occur.

Energy vampires are especially attracted to people who have no boundaries. Boundaries do not mean that we erect walls in between ourselves and other people. What it means is, that we’re committed to our own personal identity, we have a solid sense of identity, in a solid sense of what happiness means for us as individuals. We are committed to doing what it takes to be happy.

Symptoms of Energy Attack and How to Protect Yourself
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Those of us who do not have good boundaries because we are not very committed to our own personal sense of identity and therefore happiness we cannot say no to other people because saying no to other people makes us feel like we’re bad.

This opens us up very wide to be utilized by someone.

Certainly, we are thinking that the best way to protect ourselves against energy vampires is to protect ourselves. But here there is something else to consider. If you want to protect yourself you’re doing the exact opposite because the minute you come up with the idea that you need protection from something, you create that thing that you need to be protected from.

In other words, we believe ourselves to be a victim the second that we feel like we need to be protected.

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No protection method is going to save you from an energy vampire.
So you might ask, why is it then when some people visualize surrounding themselves with a white light shield, why does that actually work sometimes?

It’s not because the person is thinking about protecting themselves. It’s because visualizing that white light shield, causes them to feel some sense of empowerment and thus release resistance to the idea that an energy vampire can share the space with them.

In reality, this white light shield which we’re erecting around ourselves mentally is not causing us to have a buffer to that person at all. It’s causing us to raise our frequency to a degree where we cannot be utilized, by the energy vampire.

But there are some better ways to go about doing this.

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Symptoms of Energy Attack and How to Protect Yourself

We must realize the principle that, within the universe, it is not possible for someone to take energy from you and it is not possible for you to take energy from someone else. All that is possible is to behave in a way that influences someone to think thoughts that prevent the source energy from flowing through their physical body.

Here are 9 ways to strengthen your shield against any kind of energy attack.

1) Develop Authenticity. Authenticity is very important when we’re dealing with energy vampires because they feed off of our insecurities of self. You’ve got to allow yourself to find yourself, and the truth of who you are. The more you behave like that person, the more you will be exactly who you are.

2) Develop Autonomy. In other words, a way to fulfill your own needs in healthy ways or develop a kind of relationship with other people that is symbiotic instead of parasitic.

3) Nurture yourself. Learn how to nurture and love yourself. How to fill up your own cup. For both the energy vampire and the victim this is not something they are very good at.

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4) Commit to your life and to your physical body. This may seem trivial but just because you are here in your physical life does not mean you have committed to your life. It’s only when we really commit to our life and commit to ourselves, that we’re capable of making the changes necessary that we’re no longer a match to either side of energy vampirism.

5) Develop self-trust. You really can trust yourself. Your internal guidance system can never be corrupted by another person or another thing. Trusted your own internal guidance system and your own ability to “discern” what is good or bad for you. Do not worry about what other people could do to you.

6) Learn how to see and accept nuances complexities and gray areas. For those of us that are stuck in the role of vampire and victim, we have a very hard time seeing the world as it really is. We see it in terms of black and white, a world of villains and victims.

Seeing the world in this way, makes us feel as if we live in a dangerous world. It supports a worldview which does not serve us very well, because we will choose to polarize ourselves on one side or the other, instead of a grasp that we are both.

7) Study the behaviors they want to receive from others. If you see any behavior that you wish to receive, start doing that to others. That will make you a vibrational match to receiving those behaviors. Think and do anything you can to put yourself in a space of empowerment. This will lead you to a vibrational frequency which is outside the range of that which an energy vampire can access.

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8) Develop awareness. Become aware of which individuals deplete your energy and limit your contact with them. Avoid any situation in which you have noticed that lower your energy.

9) Do not give up your energy. Not willingly give up your energy, your freedom or your rights, to others for any reason. Be careful of anyone who says you must sacrifice your rights, your sovereignty or your freedom for any reason.  This is often a trick.  Benjamin Franklin said, “those who give up their freedom for security will end up with neither freedom or security.”

So here’s the moment of truth. Τhe less fearful thoughts you think, the less fearful you will feel, and thus the vibration you hold will be too high to be engaged on either side of energy vampirism.

There’s never a need to fear an Energy Vampire, but without the awareness of them in your life, you may find yourself experiencing some very bad symptoms. You are not a helpless victim and you shouldn’t be afraid. In all situations, you have more control than you realize. It all begins with awareness.

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