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Guide To Chakra Meditation: Benefits, How To Do, Script

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Chakra meditation to keep the chakras in balance has been practiced for thousands of years, believed to provide benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing for its practitioners.

Regularly practicing chakra meditation can help you improve the balance of your chakras, which can bring your mind into a more peaceful and calm state, and in turn, also improves your physical health.

What Is The Chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word (च्) that can be literally translated into “cycle” or “wheel”. In the context of meditation and spiritual disciplines, the chakras are wheel-shaped energy focal points situated along the spine, from the sacrum up to the head’s crown.

The concept of Chakra is found in the early traditions of Hinduism, and later also adopted in Buddhism. According to Buddhism, there are only five Chakras, but most Hindu sources mention six or seven chakras.

The modern chakra system adopted in the west, however, consistently mentions 7 main chakras:

1.Root chakra

The root chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit), is located at the sacrum, the base of the spine. The root chakra governs our basic needs for stability, food, and shelter, and is associated with the earth element and red color. The root chakra is linked to how someone connects to the outside world.

2.Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) is located just below our navel, governing sexuality and the creative process. Linked to the color orange and the water element, sacral chakra energy commands how we use our creativity and adaptation to change.

3.Solar plexus chakra

The Sanskrit name is Manipura, literally translated as “City of Jewels”, the solar plexus chakra is believed to be the source of self-esteem, translating our inner desires into action. Represented by the yellow color and fire element, and is also believed to regulate digestion.

4.Heart Chakra

The heart chakra or Anahata lies near your heart and lungs and is intimately linked to the owner’s empathy, generosity, and connection to others. Its element is air and also represented by the green color.

5.Throat chakra

The throat chakra, or Vishuddha governs the throat area including your mouth, tongue, and obviously neck. This chakra governs our communication abilities and self-expression. Confidence is also closely related to the throat chakra, represented by the color blue and ether element.

6.Third eye chakra

The Ajna chakra is located between the eyebrows, governing intuition, and is often associated with the spiritual “third eye”. People with active and balanced Ajna chakra can often see things that exist beyond this world, represented by the indigo color and light element.

7.Crown chakra

The crown chakra or Sahasrara is situated at the crown on the top of the head, governing spiritual consciousness, and is considered to be the most spiritual of the 7 main chakras. Also often called the “thousand petal lotus” chakra, represented by the color white or purple, and the spirit element.

Guide To Chakra Meditation: Benefits, How To Do, Script
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Why You Need Chakra Meditation

Chakras can become imbalanced, closed, or even thoroughly blocked, disrupting the flow of energy.

When one or more of your chakras is blocked or closed off, your body compensates and directs the energy to more functional chakras.

This can result in some chakras becoming hyperactive, while others becoming inactive, which will create negative effects on both your mental and physical state. This is where chakra meditation comes in as the most effective way to keep all of your chakras open restoring balance to all 7 main chakras.

Chakra meditation is, simply put, a specialized meditation technique that focuses on opening blocked/closed chakras. With proper chakra meditation, you can open, clear, and balance your chakras, bringing positive benefits for both your mental and physical states, as we’ll discuss below.

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Chakra Meditation Benefits

Chakra meditation is an umbrella term used to describe any types of meditation techniques that attempts to unblock chakras and restore their balance so we can activate and harness the energy of these chakras circulating throughout the body.

Chakra meditation can be used for everything from improving calmness and physical well-being to achieving spiritual awakening. However, the basic principle of chakra meditation is to encourage the opening of these chakras, allowing energy to flow and circulate throughout your body, improving the connection between your physical body and spiritual mind.

In turn, chakra meditation can provide the following benefits:

  • Improving mindfulness; being aware of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling at the present moment.
  • Improving the connection between the mind and body. One becomes more aware of the energy flow (nadi; energy channels) in the body, which can help relieve oneself from psychological stress.
  • Chakra meditation, especially Ajna chakra meditation, is believed to be effective in curing insomnia.
  • Providing a conducive state for the body to heal itself, driving out negative energies and distractions, allowing the physical body to regenerate and reach its peak state
  • Helps clear mental blockage to help the practitioner to think more clearly
  • Helps the practitioner to control emotion and temper, while at the same time improving one’s empathy and helping one attains inner peace
  • Improves intuition and instincts, sharpening the senses to help the practitioner become more sensitive

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How To Do Chakra Meditation

There is no one-size-fits-all method in performing chakra meditation, and you’ll find many different techniques variations out there.

However, here are some important principles to help you get started with your chakra meditation:

  1. Know your purpose and objective with each chakra meditation session. As discuses, there are 7 different chakras, each with its own spiritual and physical benefits. You should first decide whether you’d like to clean all your chakras or you’d only want to focus on one or two chakra points.
  2. Find an ideal place that is both quiet and comfortable. A comfortable setting can help your body relax so you can enter the focus state easier and faster. You can play appropriate background music if it can help you focus.
  3. Set aside anything that can be a distraction for you.
  4. Close your eyes, and maintain a steady breathing pattern. Breathe slowly, and focus on visualizing the chakra point(s) you’d like to clean. Focus on this visualization and maintain your breathing pattern.
  5. As your mind becomes calmer and more focused, visualize circulating the energy from each breath to your chakra point(s). We’d recommend starting from the root chakra and go upwards until you reach the crown chakra if you’d like to focus on all chakras.
  6. Do this for 5 to 20 minutes each session, and you can do more than one session every day.
Chakra Blockage Test
Chakra Blockage Test (

Chakra Meditation Script

A meditation script is a meditation method where you’ll listen to an audio recording (of your own voice or others’) that contains step-by-step instructions on how you should perform the meditation.

Below, we’ll share a script that will take you just around 10 minutes to record (try to read them slowly enough), and you can then play the recording to help with your chakra meditation:

As you sit down, try to relax your feet, your whole body, and feel the surrounding energy. Try to close your eyes gently.

Visualize a beautiful place that you can relax in, and visualize a flowing wind that blows away your worries and inner stress within your mind. Where you are now, there is only peace. Ignore everything around you that may distract you.

Try to slow down your breath. Take a deep breath and try to feel each drop of air that you inhale. Feel the soothing feeling that comes after your breathing. Hold the air within you and count to three. One. Two. Three. Exhale it slowly.

Repeat this breathing pattern until your body and mind are calm and out of tension.

When you feel at ease, try to imagine the energy that swirls inside your body, and then move the energy towards the base of your spine. In there, visualize the energy you’ve gathered that will soothe and fill the chamber of your chakra point. As you pour your energy, try to move the swirling energy towards your next chakra points.

Your second chakra point is located below your pelvic area. Try to pour your energy towards this sacral chakra. Keep pouring it until you feel the energy is full in that area. When you already feel happy, creative, and in control of each of your urges then try to move your energy towards the third chakra point.

Now You are at your third chakra point that is located at the center of your body. Here you need to pour your energy to make you feel strength, bravery, and confidence.

Focus on pouring the energy into this area until your disappointment and resentment are clear and you can feel inner peace.

Move your energy towards the fourth chakra point. Pour your energy until you feel full of love, forgiveness, kindness, and gratitude.

When your heart chakra is full and you’ve free yourself from jealousy, then move to your next chakra point.

Visualize the energy around your throat area as you arrive at the fifth chakra point. Feel the air flowing and focus your energy towards your throat chakra point. Feel the energy and you should feel more relaxed in your throat.

Next, we move to the Third Eye chakra. Focus on the area between your eyebrows, feel your forehead grow cooler and lighter. Free yourself from all worries, and visualize a small purple ball between your eyebrows. This is your Third Eye. Visualize this purple ball grow larger and brighter, but not heavier. As the purple energy push against the edges of your forehead, visualize it bursting open. You’ve opened your Third Eye and heal.

Visualize the energy moving towards the top of your head, the Crown chakra. Maintain your breathing, and visualize a bright light flowing through your body forming a lotus flower that sits majestically atop your head. Visualize the petals expanding and the lotus flower shining.

Maintain your breathing, and visualize the violet light becoming brighter and brighter until the whole room becomes bathed in this light.

You are healed, open your eyes.

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