How to Write and Use Your Affirmations

How to Write and Use Your Affirmations

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You are what you think. Thoughts have the power to create. You are the architect of your life. These statements make up a three-part dose of wisdom often dished out by psychology, theology, and modern spiritual sciences in total agreement.

Affirmations are the passageways in which thoughts become words, and words turn into actions, intentions, and outcomes.

To be a master of life, one must learn how to create affirmations and how to use them for the best outcomes. It goes back to the story of creation; the world was authored by commands. Such is the power of words. The right affirmations involve speaking only words that cultivate and motivate the highest good.

To higher psychological extents affirmations reprogram our minds. They are an excellent detox for the mind, helping to restructure our thinking so that we believe that nothing is impossible.

The short explanation is that affirmations are the science behind faith. (For more, read our article How to Use Affirmations for Your Best Benefit)

How to think and write a better life

Affirmations strengthen our belief in the potential for something that we desire to happen. It is emotional, physical and spiritual reassurance. When you verbally affirm your dreams and desires, you set in motion invisible forces that cause the needed outcomes to manifest in our visible world.

Writing the right affirmations is the first step towards self-improvement. These thoughts of belief and self-assurance always help to reprogram our brains. The statements raise our spirits. Affirmations birth self-confidence. They break cycles of negative thoughts, speech, and actions.

Affirmations for confidence

To write affirmations for self-confidence, start by “noting down the negative qualities” about yourself. These could be from your negative thoughts or the negative criticisms made against you by others.

Don’t start questioning the truth or accuracy in them; write them down. These negative qualities will form a basis for positive themes.

Now that you have exhausted the negative qualities, you can start reversing them into positive affirmations. For instance, “I’m weak and unworthy” turns into “I’m strong and remarkable.” “I’m incompetent” turns to “I’m competent and smart.”

Say the affirmations aloud every day. For best results, experts recommend saying them for at least five minutes every morning, afternoon and evening. While at work, you can strengthen your confidence and conviction by writing these affirmations several times over in a notebook.

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Affirmations for work

Whether you are a manager or an entry-level employee, there is always room for improving your productivity. Be that that as it may, the work environment is often shrouded with many impossible challenges and criticisms. You can set yourself to achieve greater things using positive work affirmations.

To create the best work affirmations, start with yourself. Regular mistakes might have caused you to lose faith in your abilities and begin to fumble with assignments that you could accomplish in minutes. Self-affirmations about work could include statements such as:

  • I am responsible and reliable
  • I am productive and valued

And when you are feeling bored or unsatisfied with your job you will likely be unproductive. Your work life becomes stressful. You can affirm your job position with statements such as:

  • I love my job
  • I have a great and rewarding career
  • I am making a positive change with my job

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Affirmations for stress

Affirmations can help with stress relief. Positive affirmations will help to break down your negative and hurtful beliefs. You will start to approach life with optimism and confidence. To begin writing the best stress-relieving statements, first figure out your feelings and the source of those bad feelings.

Start using the words “I am” accompanied by the positive feelings that you want to manifest. Just like in all other affirmation cases, write your stress relieving affirmations in the present tense. Make the affirmations as specific as possible.

Examples of stress-relieving affirmations

  • I find love and the support inside as well as out
  • I am quiet and centered.
  • My muscles are well relaxed
  • My thoughts are sufficiently calming down
  • I am releasing my all concerns and letting go

Repeat the stress relief affirmations that you have written any time when you start to feeling downtrodden and overwhelmed by life. Believe them, feel them and live them.

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Affirmations for love

Love is the key to success and happiness in life. We need plenty of it. When you feel the streams running dry, you can attract the love you need in your life by creating positive affirmations.

When writing positive affirmations for love, the words must exude strong emotions. Be sure about the outcome you want with the statements before writing them down. It could be family love, romantic love or love in your business or job, for instance.

Focus on being loved. Visualize the feeling and write down exactly how it feels to have love. Doing that breaks down the mental resistance on the conscious and subconscious levels and changes your behavior to affect the outcome.

Examples of love affirmations

  • I live and breathe love
  • I am surrounded by love wherever I go
  • I am open to love
  • My work allows me to live a life I love

When you write these and similar affirmations, believe, and you will receive love in your life. Start to visualize and feel the love coming into your life. Block out all resistance in your mind. (Related reading: Simple Process of Creating Powerful Affirmations to Change your Life)

How to Write and Use Your Affirmations
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Affirmations for self-love

The proper way to manifest self-love is to start feeling like the outcome is already manifesting. Kick out the self-castigations from your mind and silence the critical inner voice. Start thinking about the beautiful things about in your life and note them down.

Examples of self-love affirmations

  • I love myself
  • I am worthy of life
  • My life is a gift that I much appreciate
  • I release negative thoughts and embrace positivity

Without self-love, it is impossible to attain happiness in life. The threat of self-sabotage is real. Repeating these self-love affirmations over and over can help to re-affirm your inner positive thinking and dissolve all traces of self-loathing.

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Affirmations for positivity

Positive affirmations can brighten even the darkest of days. These affirmations help to create positive and infectious energy. Positive affirmations are usually founded on gratefulness. By appreciating every little thing in your life, you will begin to understand the beauty of it all.

When writing affirmations for positivity, convince yourself why and how life is lovely the way it is, Believe that you are going to have a happy day and watch how these thoughts turn into reality.

A positive affirmation that is accompanied by a strong emotional response is one that will restructure your thinking to achieve the affirmed reality. When you claim these things, its essential feel strongly that you deserve what you are asking for.

Examples of affirmations for positivity

  • I am happy and enthusiastic about life today
  • I wake up to a beautiful and successful day
  • I am a master of my own reality, and today I forge happiness

Affirmations for abundance

Wealth is for everyone. You only have to train yourself to create the right affirmation statements. If you think about wealth, focus on it and talk about it, you will attract more abundance into your life.

When writing abundance affirmations in your life ensure that they are short enough to remember. Your statements can be four or five words that you recite for a better part of the day every day.

Your affirmations for abundance can begin with “I” or “My” because you will be majorly writing what concerns your life. Be passionate and emotionally vested into your affirmations for abundance. Believe what you write, and the doors of abundance will swing wide open into your life.

Examples of abundance affirmations

  • Abundance follows me everywhere
  • I am getting more prosperous and more productive every day
  • I have the magnetic power that attracts and keeps wealth
  • My income increases every day
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Affirmations for health

When writing affirmations for health, avoid stating that “I want” or “I need.” Instead, write your affirmations from the point of gratefulness as if you already have what you believe to receive. You can add emotions to your affirmations for health by stating how you feel, for instance, “I am excited about being able to live a long and healthy life.”

After writing these affirmations, it is necessary to repeat them at all times. Ensure to write down an affirmation that is powerful enough to stick in your mind and make you addicted to it. You should then cultivate a strong desire in your heart to make the desires manifest through faith and action.

Examples of affirmations for health

  • I am stronger and healthier every day
  • I enjoy the right diet that brings good health to my body
  • Every part of my body handles its tasks easily and effectively
  • I have a super immunity against bugs and viruses
  • I have peace in my body, mind, and soul

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Affirmations for success

When writing affirmations for success, the statements need to be specific and should not generate any doubt or conflict in you. You must firmly believe to steady your mind and will against contradictions.

Remember that success is nothing but a mind-game. You have to see yourself successful to become that person. The process often involves overcoming your self-criticisms.

Examples of affirmations for success

  • I believe that I can accomplish great things in life
  • The universe is conspiring for my good
  • I have limitless potential to overcome my challenges
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Affirmations for self-esteem

Self-esteem is the inner confidence in your abilities. Without a healthy yet humble self-esteem, you cannot be happy in life. Self-confidence starts with respecting yourself and appreciating who you are.

Self-esteem eliminates the need for external validation. Through positive affirmations, you can attain high self-esteem and all of its promises.

When writing affirmations for self-esteem, you need to imagine an explosion of self-confidence in you. It should be energy big enough to block all resistance and feelings of inadequacy in your mind.

Examples of self-esteem affirmations

  • I appreciate and accept myself for who I am.
  • I command love and respect wherever I go
  • I have unique talents and abilities, and I do not need validation from others.
  • I am incredibly creative, self-reliant and persistent in all that I do.

The bottom line

The key to success with affirmations is the consistency of belief. Remember that you cannot recondition your mind in a single day. Repeat the affirmations several times, every day of your life to start seeing changes.

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