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Frequently Asked Questions about Magick

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Magick, unfortunately, bears many misconceptions and superstitions. In many cases, there is hostile behavior from people who have never learned anything about it or are trying to deliberately prevent others from learning. Of course, in this situation, we cannot forget the great assistance of magicians (??) who claim to possess great “magical powers” and promise miracles at some price.

Because nothing of this describes magick, I’ve put together the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about it. My intention is to demystify some issues related to magick and encourage all those who want to learn more, to approach magick without fear but with respect.

This is not a final list. When needed I will add more questions for help to all students (or not) of magick. So, mark this page and come back later to check it again.

1. How the results of magick will manifest?

Always the results of Magick manifest as a coincidence, via available means, through synchronicity. Nothing comes out from thin air. They are always unexpected and look like a coincidence. Of course, you know that you have done some magick to make that happen.

2. What means to be a magician (or witch)?

Being a magician means learning how to manage the creative energy in order to accomplish your objectives. Maybe some of you wanted to hear something more fancy but, no, that’s the essence of what a magician does.

3. What does it take to become a magician/witch?

Being a magician is not an easy thing. You have to develop your skills and test them every day. You need to gain knowledge (and that knowledge is never-ending) and do a lot of practice.
The four pillars of magick contain everything one needs to be a magician. “To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent.” There is an explanation for each of these pillars, but I want to keep the answer short. (To get started on a solid base, consider taking a magick lesson. You can find my suggestions here.)

4. What if my magick doesn’t work?

To master magick you have to study it and practice it for years. You can’t be successful overnight. So, it is perfectly fine to have a lack of results as a beginner.
This means that you need more practice. Another case is while you have developed your skills and have successful results, suddenly your magickal operations begin to fail.
In this case, it is wise to step back and see which, if any, basic rules of magick were violated. Remember that it is okay to make mistakes, it is part of the process

5. How often must I do magick in order to be a successful magician?

Everyday all day nonstop. With that said I don’t mean that you must perform magick rituals all day, but that you need to develop the appropriate magical mindset which is the base of all magick.

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6. Can I use magick to manifest anything I want?

Yes…and No…Real magick always works within the laws of nature. If it cannot happen in nature it cannot happen in a spell.
The results of magick come to you via logical means, never out of thin air.
If you want to fly and cast a spell for it, chances are to end up with an airplane ticket or a skydiving booking and not with the cape of Superman.
If you want to change your eye color, probably you will find a pair of high-quality contact lenses in your favorite color, at a good price.
In both cases, magick worked perfectly. You got what you asked for without violation of the natural laws.
So, you can ask for anything but you have to realize what to expect.
No, you can’t get taller … wear boots or high heels.

7. Is magick for anyone?

Everyone uses universal laws constantly. So, unconsciously everyone is doing what we call “magick”. The magician does it consciously.
The question is whether anyone can use the word “magick” or “witchcraft” and feel comfortable with it. The answer is no!
If someone grew up with the belief that these are sinister things, ruled by the devil, etc, it is difficult to overcome. Difficult but not impossible… I did it!
With this exception, anyone with the basic ability to use his mind and the discipline to do it can learn magick. Everyone to the extent that it considers appropriate for himself.

8. When will I see results from my spell?

It depends. There is no rule and no one can predict a specific waiting time. The delay depends on many factors such as,
• In your confidence that your spell will work.
• In your gratitude for the result.
• In your actions towards your goal.
• In what you asked for.
• In your emotional involvement.
• And so on.
If you wait anxiously for the result, it will not happen. You have to forget your magick in order to manifest the result. In many cases when people are ready to give up, it is when their magick begins to manifest.
So, there are many parameters on when you will see the results of your magick. If you have this question you are definitely a beginner. Keep in mind that you will make many mistakes on this journey. But every time you will be better. You can’t bypass them by reading. It is part of the process.

9. What is the difference in “Black” and “White” magick?

Magick is neutral, it can’t be “Βlack” or “White”. You can consider “Black” and “White” as the polar opposites of magick.
Using the white pole you attract things to you and using the black pole you push things away from you. Both are very useful, depending on the situation you have to deal with. It would be useful to mention that baneful magick is always the work of the black pole, and this can give some bad connotation.
Apart from that, the idea that white magicκ is good and black magicκ is bad comes mainly from Holywood.
You can think magick as a tool. You can use it to make something useful and beautiful or to make a trap to harm someone. The tool can’t be good or bad, but your intention can be. Thus, the term “White Magick” describes the intention to help yourself and others (with their consent) and “Black Magick” the intention to harm or manipulate others. OR your intention to help others without their consent, because you violate their freedom of choice.
This is also true when you think you are doing good for them. You do not have the right to interfere in their lives and their choices.
Using magick to harm or manipulate others is unethical and attracts bad consequences to those who do it. Wiccans take it very seriously and forbid their members to do so, otherwise, they can no longer be called Wiccans.

10. Can I modify the ritual using different ingredients or words?

Despite the fact that there are detailed tables of magickal correspondences and many types of magick to choose from, never forget that the main ingredient in your ritual is you.
So, If you feel uncomfortable, for any reason, with something in your magical operation do not hesitate to modify it.
For example, if you have to work with roses as an ingredient, but they bring you bad memories and emotions, go to the corresponding table and choose an alternative.
In the same way, if you want to use different wording, do it.
You must feel comfortable with your operation.
However, if you want to modify a ritual because of laziness it is not going to work. Why? Because the collection of the right ingredients is part of the ritual. Be honest with yourself and do the job.

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11. What if I forget to do something or don’t do it in the right order?

You have the choice to move on or, if you feel that it bothers you so much, stop and start over again.
How you feel is far more important than the right order or other things of secondary importance (such as the previous question).
Being tense is not going to help you with your magickal operations.
With that said, I don’t mean that magick is so simple and it can be taken lightly. You have to work with discipline.
With that in mind if you forget something, follow the aforementioned advice.
Always make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing.

12. Do I have to believe in magick for it to work?

Yes of course! Your unwavering faith in the result of your magick is a key factor.
Here comes the tricky part, you have to forget all about your magick in order to manifest the result. If you are impatient for the outcome, even with the belief that it will happen, it is not going to work.
Faith in your magick is the one part and forget about the outcome is the other. And the latest is more difficult. That’s why many times our results occur when we give up.

13. I have heard about backfire? Is it possible?

While it is rare, it is possible. But why magick backfires?
First of all, you will have unpleasant consequences if you do baneful magick against other persons. I do not think further explanation is needed.
But in most cases, this happens when there is a conflict between what you are doing and your subconscious programming.
It could happen if you grew up in a strict religious environment in which you were taught that magick is evil, ruled by the devil, and so on.
If this is your core belief (your subconscious programming) and you feel that you are doing something wrong, against God, it is not going to work for you. If this is the case, try to learn more about how magick works. Demystify these prejudices, and try again later.
Similar, from your early years, you may have heard phrases like “You’re useless”, “You can’t do anything” and so on.
Of course, it didn’t happen on purpose, neither is your fault. However, your core belief now is that you do not deserve success or that you are useless. You need to change these beliefs in order to move forward. A good method to deal with this problem is hypnosis.
In both cases, it’s like believing that rich people are bad, but you’re trying to do magick to make more money. It is obvious that it is not going to work.
Your subconscious will always protect you from what you define as evil or bad.
On the other hand, these unpleasant events that may occur is evidence that your magick works. No in your favor this time but it worked.

Frequently Asked Questions about Magick
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14. Can I use Sigils on computer screens, mobiles, tablets, and other devices?

Of course! Every day, we all have some kind of screen in front of us, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc..
So it is a good idea to place your sigil on some of these screens. Even if you are not techy, it is easy to set up your screen saver or wallpaper to display your sigil.
In addition, as far as I know, there are some computer applications that display your affirmations at high speed. The intention behind this is not to interfere in your work but to be perceived by the subconscious mind.
In any case, do not hesitate to develop your magic by incorporating new technologies.

15. Should I use magick in desperate situations?

Desperation is one of the reasons people get into magick. However, it is the worst state of mind to approach magick.
First, to be desperate means you are out of time. But it takes time to prepare and perform any magical operation. You may not have the supplies you need or, if you perform planetary magick, the best time for your operation to be next month. Magick’s operations take time.
Additionally, how are you going to forget about your spell if you are desperate for results? It’s hard to do that in normal circumstances, let alone if you’re desperate.
Keep in mind that magick is not something you do occasionally. It is a way of life. The continuous practice of magick can improve your life and your circumstances so that you can avoid desperation.

16. Should I buy spells? There are websites that offer spells at a price and a money-back guarantee.

Not only websites but also lots of spam emails. I received one (many times) from an almighty shaman, who has the power to do something close to miracles, except….to promote his services without spammy methods. But he can make you rich and famous!…Really?
While it is not necessarily bad to ask for help from an experienced magician, you should always think twice about where you gonna give your money. If the magician charges you a price for the work he will do or you give him some money out of gratitude for his efforts, depending on the perspectives.
If I were a magician I would not charge a price for my assistance. From my perspective it is unethical. But if I were the person who asks for help, I would certainly give back something (money) in return. I find this ethical and a sign of gratitude for the outcome I will receive.
Online or offline, most of these cases have a huge label “Scam Alert” over them. If you can’t see it, well… maybe you should lose some money.
However, if you want to get help from an experienced witch, check this source. (Aff-link)

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