Align your vibration to resonate with the Earth

Align your vibration to resonate with the Earth

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You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘being one with the universe.’ It’s one of those quotes you’ll hear in movies and other pop culture references.

But what does it really mean, and is there a way to benefit from it?

Well, the short answer is everything in the world is connected. In this case, if there’s a mismatch between your connection and the surrounding environment, you’ll feel uneasy, and in most cases, this disconnect will manifest physically.

If you look at it from a scientific point of view, you’ll also notice science backs up the concept of everything being connected. Science has proven that everything around you –that which you can and can’t see, smell, touch, feel, hear, or taste is all connected. This boils down to atoms, which are the building blocks of all matter.

Essentially, the earth, the stars, the moon, water, mountains, and even you are all connected. While this connection may not be physical, it is, evidently, there.

While we are still trying to gain more knowledge and understating of the connections between us and the universe, there are those who figured out the concept long ago.

A good case is Nikola Tesla, who was keen to understand further and unveil this deep-seated connection. W.O. Schumann is another famed scientist who helped discover more about this connection.

In the 1950s, Schumann, together with his students, experimented on electromagnetic waves both in the atmosphere and the ionosphere.

These experiments would not only further our curiosity and understanding, but they also supported Tesla’s initial theory on the earth’s frequency.

In Schumann’s studies, he discovered the earth has a natural pulse with a frequency of 7.83 Hz. Additionally, a combination of the aforementioned studies led to the coining of the term Schumann resonance.

The connection between you and the earth

While what we’ve covered above is excellent information, it’s not just something to use when you want to strike up a conversation. It does have a direct effect on our lives.

All of your thoughts and feelings produce a certain level of vibration. This vibration is then poured out into the universe, consequently shaping your life.

This is why you’ll hear people talk about the power of a single thought. And, if you look keenly enough, you’ll start to notice a pattern of people’s thoughts, behavior, and character with the happenings around them.

Of course, this is not to say that if a bad thing happens to you, it is because you have a negative vibe released into the world. There are outlying situations, but this does little to negate the existence, power, and effect of your vibration into the universe.

A common misconception is anyone who is facing a challenge or going through a difficult time has negative or misaligned vibrations.

However, aligning your vibration to that of the surrounding environment and the earth can go a long way in turning situations around in your life.

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Is our vibration really that powerful?

While more people are discovering and opening up to the power of our vibrations in relation to the world, there are still a few skeptics out there.

At the same time, there are those who believe they have superior vibrating power than that of the universe.

Both these schools of thought are fatally wrong. Let me better illustrate this with an example.

Think of putting on a pair of jeans, three sizes too small, not only will be near impossible to get them on, if you do manage, you’ll have a rather stressful and uncomfortable day. The opposite is also true when you wear jeans, three sizes too big, you’ll suffer the same fate, distress, and discomfort.

Like clothes, there’s the right size. Something you are comfortable in and can freely walk around and go about your business.

Continuing with this analogy, the right fit of clothes will not only look good on you, but it’ll also boost your confidence and enthusiasm during the day.

However, you won’t spend every minute of the day thinking of what you’ve worn. You’ll have a myriad of other thoughts and feelings.

Our vibrations work similarly. The thoughts and feelings you release to the universe have the power to shape your day and even the future.

However, this does not mean that you must force yourself to think positive thoughts of having a great feeling all through life. And that is where the subconscious mind kicks in. Your subconscious mind adapts to the thinking you feed it.

Much like when you see a red light, you immediately stop; your subconscious has similar triggers. This is why you’ll hear people talk about omens and superstitions.

That if someone doesn’t get out of bed on a particular leg, they’ll have a bad day. Or if someone sees a penny on the ground, they’ll have a good day.

Fortunately, it is possible to counter and control your thoughts and feeling –even the negative ones, to be more in sync with the earth and, by extension, the universe. And that is what I would like to focus on.

How can you align your vibrations with the universe?

Here are a few easy and practical techniques to help you achieve a balance with the universe and ultimately free yourself.

1. Grounding and embodiment
Align your vibration to resonate with the Earth
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While the universe’s vibrational power is not physical, you can achieve it by starting with physical activities. This is not a new concept and has been practiced by different traditions through time.

The Mayans, Toltecs, and Tantrics all have a similar idea. The physical body, while tangible, can help you find balance.

Grounding yourself is a simple exercise with untold benefits. To start, simply step outside –preferably barefoot and spread your legs slightly wider than your hips. If you’re having trouble, you can try and part your feet at a 45-degree angle.

Next, you just have to tuck your tailbone as you feel the connection between you and the ground beneath.

Over time, and with practice, you will start to feel the connection grow more potent. Finally, breathe down into your hips and belly areas, and you will feel this great sensation.

Lose yourself in this great sensation, and you’ll gradually start the alignment.

It may take time to perfect this simple act. Nonetheless, it is one of the most powerful techniques today.

2. Harnessing the power of sound
Align your vibration to resonate with the Earth
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If you’re a musician, instrumentalist, or love music, you’ve probably experienced the healing power of music. Additionally, you’ll notice how music is used to evoke different emotions and feelings.

From concerts to restaurants, they all rely on sound to boost the message and effect. This is why music is one of the most powerful instruments today.

It has been used to forge peace, create chaos, and even in some instances, control people.

I should disclaim you do not have to be a musician or instrumentalist to harness the power of sound. Sound can induce healing through what we call sound healing.

There are numerous ways to exercise sound healing, and everyone has a preference.

When practicing sound healing, observe your breath. You can close your eyes and envision a time when you see yourself as special and unique.

These feelings will work towards unlocking hidden wounds that may be holding you back.

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3. Practicing shamanic yoga
Align your vibration to resonate with the Earth
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Simply put, shamanic yoga is a combination of both yoga and shamanism. When you combine these two practices, you end up with a spiritual and divine-like experience.

While these practices are strong on their own, combining them opens you up to the possibilities of connection and synergy in life.

Shamanic yoga entails connecting to the earth and its elements. In other words, it is tapping into the wisdom and power of nature’s elements.

This practice dates far back in time, and the results, when rightly practiced, are profound and usually manifest strongly in your life.

Some of the popular yoga postures, such as the tree pose, sun salutations, and cobra pose, all emanate from practicing shamanic yoga. (Further reading: Yoga Meditation for Beginners)

In closing, I am reminded of a quote from Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” This simple quote reminds us we are not alone.

There are times when you will find yourself out of balance, and you can feel as though you’re alone and disconnected from others.

But according to what we’ve seen above, everything is connected. And this connection means the universe will always try to lead you to this point of liberation.

When you open up your mind and body, you allow the positive energy from the earth to fill you, and the negative energy holding you back starts to sip out of you. You may not initially notice it, but over time, the results are more apparent.

The universe is on your side; you just have to open yourself to realizing this and implementing the techniques above.

Over the last decade, the earth’s vibrating frequency has been on a steady rise and has almost doubled.

The earth is increasing its energy and potency. And this creates the perfect opportunity to tap into this power and utilize it to help you achieve the universal frequency vibration and achieve your goals and dreams.

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Featured image:  Alchemist Sendivogius by Jan Matejko, 1867 via Wikimedia Commons

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