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How To Raise Your Vibration In 10 Easy Steps

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In the current world, most people are moving towards discovering their spirituality and recognizing more the role of being on with the universe. What used to be dismissed as simplistic new age teachings is now being practiced widely in the mainstream public. And that is not because of better or extensive advertising, but instead, they have proven effective over time.

Furthermore, most of these teachings are rooted in science and were already recognized by ancient civilizations across the world. It is only because the modern world tends to react with a skeptical attitude to everything it does not fully understand or fit in the current frame of knowledge that these teachings have taken long to be widely popular. One such example is the law of vibration and its uses.

It is easy to see people now talk of higher vibration symptoms and how to raise your frequency. But what do these all mean and what is at play here? First, we have to start by understanding the basics of the law of vibration.

What is the Law of Vibration?

The law of vibration states that everything in the universe is continuously moving, vibrating at different rates(Read: The Seven Hermetic Principles). These speeds are what is referred to as frequencies.

Nothing in the universe rests, and even human beings are continually vibrating at different frequencies. It is only because our vibrational frequencies differ that we seem separated from the rest of the matter around us like trees, furniture and the rest of our environment.

It is an accepted scientific fact that every aspect of the matter in the universe is continually vibrating since everything is made up of energy. Any change experienced in an object is merely a result of increasing or decreasing the vibrational frequency and transforming from one energy form to another.

In reality, everything we see as matter is energy manifested in different vibration frequencies while at the core of it all we are just part of a massive ocean of energy. Everything, when broken down into the smallest units, has been shown to contain energy and space. At the lowest level, everything is connected in what has been called the Unified Field.

The Law of Vibration is a universal law which unfortunately has been overshadowed in prominence by the Law of Attraction, yet the latter cannot function without the former. The Law of attractions is a derivative of the Law of Vibration.

It stems from the fact that different matter, we included are always sending out vibrational frequencies which then find a resonance in the environment. It is this working principle that informs the basis of the Law of Attraction that like attracts like.

Evidence of the existence of vibrational energy

As already mentioned, the primary reason why the law of vibration is gaining much prominence is the discovery of further evidence that shows the presence of vibrational energy. There have been several experiments conducted which prove that there are vibrational frequencies all around us even though we may not be aware of them. These examples also serve to illustrate how vibration works in our lives.

The first example is the use of a dog whistle. It emits sound frequencies within an ultrasonic range. The human ear cannot hear the sound, but dogs and cats will listen to it due to their higher hearing range. Just because our faculties cannot pick up on this kind of energy frequency does not mean it does not exist.

Another example is the principle of spooky action at a distance’ as explained by Albert Einstein. One of the greatest physicist Albert Einstein popularized the concept that an object could be considerably affected without physically touching the object in question by any other.

Several experiments have been conducted in this field, and the effect is now referred to as entanglement which has shown that closely related objects can have an impact on each other regardless of the distance involved. One only needs to observe or affect one of the pair, and the other will be considerably changed even without being touched.

The tuning fork experiment is another such experiment that demonstrates how two objects can share vibrational energy. When one of the tuning forks is hit with a rubber hammer, it increases its vibration speeds and emits sound.

The other tuning fork resonates with the frequency being produced and without any physical contact picks up the vibration and starts vibrating at the same rate and emits the same sound like the first tuning fork. The tuning forks are good examples of the element of resonance which is vital in how the Law of Vibration works.

The way mirror neurons in your brain works is another proof of objects picking up or resonating with vibrational frequency from other objects. When a person meets a stranger, and the stranger happily smiles at them, the most likely reaction will be smiling back and greeting the stranger. The stranger’s higher vibration is picked on by your brain.

Further study on the brains part which deals with emotions has shown that individuals can create feelings of anxiety and fear in other if they are anxious and fearful. Having vibrational energy that is causing you to have negative feelings only resonates with the negative emotions in the universe which draws to you undesired results.

How To Raise Your Vibration In 10 Easy Steps
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How Vibrational Energy Works

To fully understand how vibrational energy works you have to be aware of the role your mind and thoughts play in connection to the metaphysical dimension. Our thoughts are where it all begins at because thoughts contain energy and they are also vibrating at different frequencies.

When your conscious mind forms a habit of dwelling on specific thoughts, they become embedded in the subconscious mind and soon develop into the dominant vibration in the brain.

It is also important to understand that in the Law of Vibration, the microcosm leads to the macrocosm. That is your inner world vibrations shape our reality and determine what you perceive in the external universe.

The internal world vibrations resonate with other similar frequencies in the external universe and draw them to you. The quality of your thoughts determines what you bring from the environment around us and determines whether you achieve success in the different ways you could be defining it.

A mind is a powerful tool which can be used to shape our thoughts. When you experience or develop a feeling, you are consciously aware of a vibration.

You can use your mind to determine which ideas become the dominant vibration that you are sending out and then these will bring back – in the form of people, experience, objects – vibrational energy that resonates with your frequency.

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There are many instances of this happening from the gut feeling that tells you when something is wrong, opportunities that pop up when you wanted that breakthrough, getting a call or message from someone you had been thinking about, etc.

Your mind is always sending and picking up frequencies and the level of vibrations you have to determine what you receive since like attracts like. Whatever your mind visualizes or focuses on, it makes it real.

The realization of your dream starts first in your inner world. An experiment conducted by scientists on a group of basketball players best captures the truth in the above assertion.

Basketball players were split into three groups. The first group was asked to do nothing. The second group was asked to practice shooting, and the third group was asked to watch the second group practice. At the end of the experiment, it was observed that the shooting proficiency of the first group had gone down while the second and the third group improved their performance.

The third group was able to improve solely through visualization and were able to match the performance of the group that did the physical training. This experiment demonstrates the ability of the mind to help you realize your desires by focusing on them.

Increasing your vibrational frequency

How To Raise Your Vibration In 10 Easy Steps
Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

By now you have determined that the different quality of thoughts occupy different frequencies. Having a higher vibrational frequency yields positive results while a lower vibrational frequency results in negative effects. Increasing your vibrational frequency means tapping into the ability of the mind and focusing it on what you want.

The vibrational frequencies can be charted from the lowest level of shame and guilt to the enlightenment level at the highest point of the chart. The chart is split into two sections, the contracted level which contains the adverse effects of lower vibrational frequency, and the expanded level where the positive impact of higher vibrational frequency lies.

Going from a lower vibrational frequency to a higher one is not merely a matter of quick-shifting, you have to go through a transition period. You can, however, tell if you have high vibrational frequency by the amount of energy you feel within you and how self-aware you become.

At the basis of it all, having a high vibrational frequency means you are increasingly in touch with your higher metaphysical self. Most people fall along the spectrum having various levels of vibrational frequencies rarely being 100% on either side of the spectrum.

Increasing your vibrational frequency is thus identifying what aspects you are improving in and on which ones you need to work.

High Vibration vs. Low Vibration

For a clearer picture of what it means to have high vibration or low vibration, a comparison of the qualities of each state is needed. Remember, as already mentioned it is possible to have several behaviors from both spectrums.

Qualities manifested in a low vibration frequency include;

  • Apathy and having an uncaring attitude to yourself and others.
  • Being emotionally distant and reactive
  • Perennial lack of energy which results in lethargy and fatigue
  • Having a dominant self-centered view of the world
  • Struggling with mental issues like desperation, OCD, anxiety, and depression.
  • A struggle to quit old habits which are usually bad
  • Being physically unfit and unhealthy
  • Bottled up negative feelings especially resentment and jealousy
  • Struggling with chronic illnesses
  • Having a guilt complex which comes from either feeling guilty about something or seeking things out over which to feel guilty.
  • The propensity to make poor choices
  • A lack of purpose or definite knowledge on what you want in life
  • There could be a case of substance abuse
  • Poor eating and diet habits
  • Being needy and demanding of others
  • Lack of self-development and progress in life
  • Being argumentative and complaining a lot
  • Tendency to self-sabotage
  • Lacking fulfillment in life
  • Struggling with forgiveness of others and yourself
  • Being cynical and skeptical in life
  • Difficulty in being grateful to others and what you get from the universe
  • Poor relationships in life with most resulting in pain
  • Difficulty in finding or noticing beauty in the world

On the other hand, the high vibration frequency is manifested in the following qualities;

  • High self-awareness in terms of what you are thinking, saying, feeling and doing and in terms of how this impacts the people with whom you interact. The self-awareness is also boosted in
  • You are emotionally balanced
  • You have a healthy balance and distinction between self-love and not being self-centered
  • A highly developed sense of empathy and you actively see through the eyes of others
  • Well-Developed knowledge of gratitude and noticing the beauty around you.
  • A great sense of humor and it is easy to smile and laugh and share in other’s happiness
  • You have enough energy and vitality throughout
  • You are self-disciplined
  • You have a nurturing sense for yourself and others
  • You are not compelled to instant pleasure gratification as you can delay it when it does not serve you.
  • Your happiness is not tied to things which also means you do not experience much disappointment as you do not get attached too much to material comforts, indulgences, and friendships.
  • You have a high sense of intuition
  • There is no compulsive need to be right and win arguments
  • It is easy for other people to open up to you and this added to your empathy makes it easy for you to mediate conflict and offer counsel.
  •  Aspects of your life seem synchronized
  • Your life and thoughts are more centered on the present and not in the past or future
  • It is easy to forgive yourself and others and not to hold to grudges or to suffer with guilt
  • Patience and tolerance are traits that come easily with you
  • Your life has a clear sense of direction and purpose
  • You have an open-minded approach to different ideas, experiences, and beliefs.
  • Increased self-confidence in your abilities and yourself.
  • More opportunities and areas of growth open up to you.
  • You have good eating and diet habits

The qualities that come from high vibration are the kind you are aspiring to possess. By focusing on your mental abilities and being in tune with what you are thinking mostly. With so many benefits of high vibration, it becomes essential to know how you can raise your vibrational frequency.

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How To Raise Your Vibration In 10 Easy Steps
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How to raise your vibrational frequency

1. Be Mindful About the Information You Receive

The first step you want to take is to control and filter the information you receive. Information feeds your perception as well as determines what your mind ponders on. Television shows and movies are one major source to evaluate.

The content in the shows and flicks you watch influences the vibration your brain picks up. Whether it is the violence and intolerance in them to the message that happiness is based on material things it can easily affect the vibrations in your mind.

2. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

One of the most effective ways to increase your vibrational energy is by being conscious of your thoughts. It allows you to be mindful of which thoughts you are permitting to settle in your mind and thus get embedded in your subconscious mind.

It does not mean blocking out negative thoughts but immediately recognizing them when they set in and dismissing them by setting your brain on a more positive alternative.

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3. Be Conscious of Your Environment

You already know that every object contains energy and emits vibrations to the environment. Fill your surroundings with material that eases your mind and directs it to positive thoughts.

From the pictures, painting, and the arrangement of your house and landscape to how your office is set up and even your means of transport. In the same vein, you should be aware and be grateful for the beauty in your environment since it helps increase the vibrational frequency and allows you to receive similar qualities from the surroundings.

4. Become Conscious of What Your Music is Telling you

Music is a powerful medium of vibrational energy. It can quickly move your thoughts to positive qualities and fill you with power or get you depressed or anxious.

If you keep listening to depressive music or one filled with pain, your mental focus will be on the pain in your life, and you will only draw more negative energy from the environment. Uplifting music provides you with the energy and motivation you need for high vibration.

5. Reduce your drug and alcohol use or cut it out completely

Alcohol and drug use hinder how much you can control your mental focus and also lead to dependency and lulling your senses. You need to have your senses fully tuned on if you aim to be fully aware of your thoughts and in control of your mind. Alcohol and drugs can also have the adverse effect of either raising your anxiety levels or causing depression.

6. Make Meditation a Regular Practice in your life

Meditation helps with allowing you to be more self-aware and developing your intuition and learn more about yourself and what you care. It is also an exercise that enables you to practice introspection and determine which thoughts you should focus on. It helps you in aligning your thoughts with your vision and daily marking your progress.

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7. Nurture your body with high vibrational foods

Foods are a vital part of the development of your vibrational energy. There are foods that have low vibration energy, and when you consume them, they leave you weaker. Chemically processed foods and those covered with pesticides as well as sugars, dairy, and flour-based cereal vibrate at a low frequency.

On the other hand, organic foods from vegetables and fruits to nuts and soy have high vibrational energy. How your vibrational energy is affected by individual food groups can be personal. You can tell the foods with the right impact on your body by checking how you feel two hours after consuming the food

8. Change Your Focus

Changing your focus is a more active step in increasing your vibrational energy. Identify what you want in life and focus more on that. It is called aligning your thoughts to your goals and pursuits.

By focusing on what you want to achieve your dominant vibration is the way to reach your success. In return, your energy resonates with what is in your environment attracting opportunities you need to succeed.

9. Spend Time in Nature

Nature is full of positive vibrational energy. It is a great source to get a significant charge to boost your vibrational frequency especially when you feel wasted and drained. Instead of culling indoors, get a walk in your garden or park and preferably spent time barefoot.

You can also dip your feet in the streams or get in the natural pools for a swim. It is the most natural and straightforward way to connect to the unified field of energy.

10. Workout regularly

We have already seen that one of the qualities that come with high vibrational energy is fitness and good general health. Working out allows you to build up your body energy levels increasing your vibrational frequency. It also keeps you away from lifestyle illness and enables you to find a way to channel off the negative energy in your body preventing it from seeping your frequency levels.

Understanding the Law of Vibration and how it works can help you realize success in different aspects of your life from finances, career, relationships, and happiness. The key to unlocking the power of vibrational energy is to keep it high using the listed methods to work your way through the positive benefits.

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