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What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration?

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It is common to hear people talk of a place of someone having high energy or high vibes while other places or people having low energy. Worse, some of the low energy sources can appear to leech on your energies, which is why some situations or hanging around some people can be draining. 

Vibrational energy comes from the law of vibrations, which itself is rooted in the scientific principle that all matter consists of energy. This energy makes all matter vibrate at different frequencies. Science has established that molecules inside our cells vibrate and generate electromagnetic energy waves.

Thus, the principles around vibrational energy are not just some new age philosophy but ancient wisdom that now has scientific evidence. 

More importantly, your vibrations can affect your mental state, physical health, and general wellbeing, including your self-awareness. High vibrations result in better physical, mental, and emotional states, while lower frequency vibrations create dense draining energy. 

Benefits of raising your vibration.

There is plenty to gain from higher vibrations. Benefits of higher vibrations include;

Increased clarity 

With higher vibration frequencies, you attain more clarity because it helps relieve the pressures from negative sources. Low vibrations have dense energies, which affects your outlook and makes you moody and bogged down by worries and stress. In such circumstances, it is hard to sort out your thoughts.

However, with higher vibrations, you can sort out the mess and lose the attachments that cloud your thinking. The clarity allows you to plan better and prioritize your energies and attention. 

Increased vitality 

Higher vibrations provide plenty of positive energy, which revitalizes you. You become more alert and focussed and now have more energy to do your tasks and go after your goals.

Higher vibrations allow you to work from a sense of contentment. So, you have more energy to give and drive you through the day instead of feeling drained and bogged down mentally. 

Your mental state influences the physical state, so instead of the body releasing stress-coping hormones, it releases happy enzymes. And since you have precise tasks, you focus this increased energy on tasks that get you closer to what you want. The result, in turn, makes you happy, which further boosts your vitality. 

Benefits of raising your vibration
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Physical wellness 

Raising your vibration also impacts your physical body. As the introduction points out, your body cells are vibrating. They contribute to your higher vibrations and benefit from them.

The steps you take to increase your higher vibrations also impact your physical body. These include breathing exercises and meditation.

Higher vibrations help facilitate better blood circulation and better nervous system functioning. It also has a positive impact on your sleep quality, digestion, and your immune system. Your body also efficiently controls your blood pressure, and all organs function at optimum levels.  

Improves manifestation and aids synchronicity 

A good part of your wellbeing depends on external factors you attract to your life. The law of attractions states that like attracts like. Your higher frequency vibrations attract similar frequencies, which provides the inspiration you need to make breakthroughs. 

Even better is that you are in tune with yourself and know what you need and desire; therefore, you send consistent messages and energies out that attract the solutions you want; your field of energy allows you to manifest your reality. 

Better mental health 

The benefits of raising your vibration also affect your mental health. Much of the shift happens in your mind, so it is logical it will have the most benefits.

The two main ways your mental health benefits are the prevention of depression and anxiety. No longer do negative thoughts wear you down, nor anxiety denies you peace. The new vitality you have, keeps you focused on the solutions.

With a better understanding of yourself and your priorities, you can easily let go past trauma. Having higher vibrations makes you have an optimistic view. Along with your improved manifestation, positivity can help prevent most mental distress and illnesses. 

Achieve goals and develop yourself 

Higher vibrations enable you to develop yourself across all life spheres. First, the vibrations make you realize the need for growth and bettering yourself. This initiative is not for competition with others but to your best abilities.

This realization is only possible because of the clarity of thoughts and a better understanding of yourself. You can prioritize, and you have the energy to push through for them. Higher vibrations also make you better at overcoming any potential obstacles on your path. 

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Improve sense of intuition

You often receive advice on trusting your gut instincts. Your gut instincts act like a sixth sense and can help you take advantage of opportunities and be effectively decisive. It can also help you avoid disastrous situations. To be better in your intuition, you must be aligned within your body and with the environment around you.

This alignment helps you tap into the knowledge you have or process new information from your surroundings. Lower vibrations mess up with your instincts either through anxiety or a clouded mind, so you are not receptive to the signals your body is getting.  

Achieve more control in your life 

Ultimately, higher vibrations allow you to take charge of your life. You become proactive instead of things happening to you. You have a clear plan complete with priorities.

Even with setbacks, you formulate your path instead of your circumstances defining your targets. With this control comes more confidence in your abilities, and because of your optimism, you can take more positive risks. 

Increased empathy 

Higher vibrations leave you contented and improve your general sense of wellbeing. In turn, this impacts on people around you. You readily share the love and show empathy to other people. Which further fills you with joy for being helpful. Since you give out good more often, you also reap back the good, and it nurtures your positivity. 

Better company 

Another distinct benefit of higher vibrations is the quality of the company you eventually have around you. With lower vibrations, you are either alone or attract people of similar vibrations. You keep draining each other and feeding from the negative vibes.

On the other hand, higher vibrations allow you to improve on this, attracting people with similar or even higher vibrations. Such a company inspires you and helps maintain your vibrations high. 

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Signs of high vibration

You will know you have raised your vibration when you notice the following signs;

1. Self-awareness 

High vibrations make you conscious of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and speech. You become more intentional in your actions. You are also aware of the impact of your actions, words, and thoughts. You are more willing to explore your individuality and find out what you desire most. 

2.  Living in the present

Closely related to being self-aware is being mindful and living in the present moment. Past and future situations and events do not dominate your mind. Instead, all your senses are open in the present moment, activities, and environment. 

3. Calmness 

You can tell you have high vibrations from the sense of calmness you are having. It comes from the peace and clarity you are achieving. As you take charge of your anxieties, you worry less about things beyond your control. You are also at peace with yourself; you love yourself more and are less self-judgmental. 

4.  A better sense of purpose

When you notice you have a clear sense of purpose and what to do, then your vibrations are high. Your activity has a sense of direction and reasoning, not just routine movements. Your brain is clear, and you are taking steps that are part of a clear bigger picture.  

5. You have synchronicities 

Synchronicities are a common feature for people with high vibration. Coincidences being to appear more often as if the universe was listening to you or watching over you. You may start seeing repeating numbers frequently, or you meet a person you thought about. 

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6. You want to initiate changes in your life. 

A vital sign that you have higher vibrations are the changes you want to implement in your life. Where you previously struggled either with energy or courage to change, you suddenly wave the impetus to do so. It could be changing careers or stopping a bad habit. 

7. You have more solutions to issues. 

Along with having the motivation to make positive changes in your life, you also start having breakthroughs. Your mental alertness gets a boost, as does your creativity, and you see possibilities where previously you only saw obstacles. 

8. Increased positivity 

Another clear sign of vibration is your increasing positivity, especially if previously you had a pessimistic or cynical outlook. With more possibilities, a sharper focus, and a clear understanding of what you want, you gain optimism. Your self-love allows you to take setbacks with grace, and you see the future as full of opportunities. 

The benefits of raising your vibration impact your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

They help you find and strive to fulfill the purpose of your life. You enjoy both health benefits and social ones as you get into a better position to achieve your dreams. 

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