Benefits of Grounding Yourself

Benefits of Grounding Yourself and Effective Techniques to Do It.

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Everything contained in the universe, you included, has a charge attached to it. The building blocks of all matter go back to atoms. That essentially means that you and a block of wood, or even the air you breathe are made up of the core material.

Of course, you are very different from a block of wood or water, which is because the atoms are aligned differently.

This means that since all atoms have a positive, negative, or neutral charge, you can tap into the energy of other atoms in your surrounding environment. This is a rather scientific view, and has a lot of backing from various scientific data from extensive research. That also means it is a rather recent view.

Does that mean grounding is a new discovery? Well, not quite. Even before matter was traced back to the atom, humans have been, for long been carrying out practices to help them connect into the surrounding energy.

For instance, the earth is a powerful source of energy, which, for years, people have been trying to tap into various grounding techniques.

What is grounding, and just how can it help you acquire the positive energy from the universe?

What is grounding?

Grounding can best be described as a range of therapeutic experiences and activities that help you reconnect you with the earth. Simply put, it is a way to charge yourself, like you would any device. For a device, you have to connect it to a power source for it to charge.

Since there is no charging system to connect you to the environment, you can implore various grounding techniques to acquire the earth’s positive charge.

Is there scientific evidence backing grounding?

As mentioned, grounding techniques have been around for generations, back before science was the most effective method of fact-checking myths and beliefs. In modern times, however, science has become an effective litmus paper to categorize the tales as either true or untrue.

Thus, before you can start looking around for the grounding meaning and how it can best benefit you, you should first see where the science lies on grounding.

To investigate the scientific evidence behind grounding benefits, various studies have been carried out to test grounding effects on sleep, energy, blood flow, pain, stress, inflammation, and general wellbeing.

While the studies are relatively recent – and a lot still needs to be studied in the field, there are a lot of early positive and promising reports. These reports detail the myriad benefits grounding offers.

What are the benefits of grounding?

Is grounding merely another pseudo practice, or are there actual benefits you can experience from the practice. Here are some of the most prevalent benefits of grounding:

Benefits of Grounding Yourself and Effective Techniques to Do It.
Image by Maike und Björn Bröskamp from Pixabay

1. Active practice can reduce chronic pain – Studies have found that patients suffering from chronic pain and practice grounding feel considerably less pain than those exclusively on prescribed modern medication.

2. Grounding can improve your mood and help you deal with depression and anxiety – One study found that just one hour of grounding based therapy helped enhance the spirit of the patients. Additionally, most of the grounding techniques helped them cope better with anxiety.

3. Grounding is effective against sleeping disorders – When you can’t sleep; you’ll try almost any remedy that will put you down. While most of them are ineffective or sporadically useful at best, you can now turn to grounding to help you sleep. A study revealed that grounding could help you sleep, but it can also improve your sleep quality.

4. Grounding can be used to remedy cardiovascular diseases – Participants suffering from hypertension participated in a study to prove the effects of grounding on the condition. The results showed long term practice of grounding therapy helped in reducing blood pressure levels.

5. Grounding helps fight chronic fatigue – After four weeks of using grounding mats, a study carried out on massage therapists recorded lowered fatigue levels.

Different practices lay claim on their effectiveness if you remain true to the art. However, most of these benefits are either not evident, or there’s no science backing them up.

One the other hand, grounding techniques have not only been proven by science through research and multiple studies, but the results are evident with each practice.

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Effective grounding techniques

The beauty of grounding techniques is they don’t require a lot to execute. You don’t need to sign a gym membership or buy a ton of expensive tools and equipment. Often, all you need is a willing heart and an open mind.

The most beneficial and natural grounding technique is to stand barefoot on the earth. When you do this you will feel a natural grounding.

Just stand still and wait for it. You will feel the energy comes up from one leg and goes down from the other, balancing your energy and emotions. It will usually take 5 to 15 minutes for this exercise.

But what happens when it’s winter or we can’t go somewhere outside to get in touch with the earth? In the absence of this, we need to do visualization exercises.

Here are some of the grounding techniques you can put into practice to achieve oneness with the universe.

1. Grounding meditation

Grounding mediation is one of the simplest yet most effective techniques available today. Meditating gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy world and to focus on yourself and your energy.

How To Meditate
Photo by Natalie from Pexels

Even for a few minutes a day, meditating can yield various benefits and help you with grounding. When you meditate, you easily connect with the earth, and tapping into the abundant resources of positive energy becomes a much easier task.

To meditate, simply find a comfortable place to sit on the earth, preferably away from any distractions. Next, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing, feeling the magnitude of every deep breath.

Feel the soil lying underneath you, and imagine the roots extended from your spine at the base and reaching into the core of the earth. Feel the richness of the earth interacting with you as you visualize your roots and focus on your breath. This positively charged energy is always available and accessible to you.

Your words and thoughts while meditating are a key factor in the effectiveness of the exercise. The words and beliefs you hold while meditating –and generally, go out into the universe.

If you focus on negative thoughts, negative energy will be more attracted to you. While meditating, try and focus on positive thoughts and feelings. You can also take it a notch higher by reciting a positive mantra.

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2. Grounding yourself through distracting your mind

The mind is susceptible to negativity as it is the connection point for most of the body’s functions. You may realize that certain topics easily get you triggered and turn you negative. To block out any negative thoughts and feelings, you can opt to distract the mind.

Naturally, the mind will tend to obsess and key in on the negative thoughts and feelings. With grounding, fortunately, you can get rid of the negative thoughts and create space for positive and productive thoughts.

One of the common ways used to distract the mind is using mind games and numbers. Whether you’re good at math or not, this is a fun exercise where anyone can participate. You can, for instance, distract the mind by multiplying numbers.

You can try the multiple of any random number and see how high you can go with the multiples of the number. You can take a few cracks at this, and with each try, you’ll focus less on the negative thoughts and connect better with the environment.

3. Grounding by emotional writing

Sometimes, you have so much negative energy pent up, that you don’t know how to release it. In such cases, you can use a reasonably modern grounding technique, emotional writing.

Grounding by emotional writing
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

What you’re trying to accomplish is get yourself to realize the root cause of the negative energy so you may be able to release it and open yourself to the positive earth energy.

To pull off this technique, find a nice calm place and, just like in meditation, get a comfortable sitting position on the earth. Next, write down whatever comes to mind. As you write note these thoughts down, focus on how each makes you feel and the effect it has had on your life.

As you write down these thoughts, feel them leaving your mind through your hand as you continue writing. Next, feel the positivity of the environment filling emanating from the roots of the earth and into your soul.

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4. Grounding for magicians

Grounding is also important to any magick practitioner and it should be used after any magical operation. Why?

  • It helps clear your head from what you have done in your operation. This helps you forget about your operation, which a necessary step in magick.
  • It helps to balance and center your energy.
  • It helps to get rid of all the extra magical energy (emotional and mental energies) that you have raised in your operation.

The latter is essential to avoid any unwanted experiences that may be caused by this excessive energy.

The technique is very simple. Stand still and envision a white light moving down through your body, through your feet, spreading deep into the earth like roots. Feel all this extra energy slowing down and to being absorbed by the earth. Keep that visualization and that feeling for a few minutes and that’s it.

As seen above, grounding techniques can be summed up into two categories, physical and mental—the physical dwell mostly on the body’s senses and how they react with the earth. Mental techniques, on the other hand, focus on linking the mind to the earth’s power.

While everyone has a preference, both techniques are equally powerful and effective when grounding yourself.

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