Easy Techniques to Charge Amulets and Talismans

3 Easy Techniques to Charge Amulets and Talismans

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The belief and use of talismans, jewels, and amulets is deeply enshrined in the history of man. Since the days of the ancient world, different communities and civilizations have found use for different talismanic objects and amulets. For instance, in ancient Egypt, amulets and talismans were used to avoid misfortune and disease, win battles, and bring good luck. Some of the evidence of these objects’ use in Egypt date as far back as 4000 BC. 

Similar to the ancient Egyptians, varying cultures held jewels, amulets, and talismans in high regard. The widespread use of these magickal objects bears its origin from fetishism, and these beliefs hold true even in today’s society. The very fact that the use of talismans and amulets has survived time and trial is a true testament to their effectiveness. Over time, some of these magickal objects have been modified and modernized to suit current times. This, however, does not change their usefulness or efficacy. 

Talismans take different shapes and forms today. Some of the notable modernized magickal objects include pendants, mascots, rings, and brooches. All these items are used across the globe to bring people good luck and wade off evil. Birthstones are another stellar example of modern talismanic objects. These stones and precious jewels are held in high regard and help during delivery. If these objects were pure fantasy, they would have likely disappeared long ago. 

While diving into the magical world of amulets and talismans, it’s important to distinguish fact from fiction. Doing so will not only improve the results of your talisman; it will also keep you from wasting time on placebo trinkets. 

The main role of birthstones, amulets, and talismanic objects is to amplify the strength and trustworthiness of the wearer. Focusing on the strength and ability of your talisman will subconsciously influence and guide you towards your desires. This can happen through autosuggestion and other techniques based on the nature of your magickal element.  (By the way Here are some Talismans and Amulets we like.)

From this, it’s easy to see why talismanic objects don’t work on all people. For instance, if you’re subjectively against the wonders of your amulet or wear it with a lot of skepticism, you’ll likely not experience the desired result. On the other hand, in the hands of someone open-minded to learning the secret ways of the universe, the talisman can open your world to new possibilities.

This is not to say that you should take everything magickal at face value. When investigating the laws that govern your talisman or amulet, do keep an open mind and prepare yourself for this transformative journey. Any skilled magician will tell you a talisman can lose its power and ability when passed through the hands of a skeptic or unbeliever. 

Easy Techniques to Charge Amulets and Talismans
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In the hands of a magician, the talismanic object acts as a bridge between the physical world’s limitations and the power enclosed in the trinket. As a result, the price, shape, or state of your talisman doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you view it. And if your approach the subject bearing in mind the power of the talisman, it will undoubtedly create the desired effect. 

Talismans and amulets can take any shape and form. In contemporary terms, you can think of it as carrying a bible or other divine instruments like magic herbs. Magickal herbs like the mandrake plant can be used in a protective capacity. This includes other divine instruments like fluid condensers, loadstones, and natural elements such as tiny artificial horseshoe magnets. 

Fluid condensers, such as precious and semi-precious stones, have been used to bring protection, healing, success, and good luck since time immemorial. With the help of astrologers, each stone is extensively studied to understand its hardness, color, and special qualities. People born under the specific sign or planet then have a special bond with their corresponding stone. However, it’s important to mention these stones can prove ineffective in the hands of a non-believer. 

A magician may choose to consider the various stones when possible. This, however, does not mean he is dependent on them. With special skills and practice, the magician can utilize any stone and achieve the desires effect. This includes those stones rendered as unfavorable from an astrological point of view. 

Having delved into the various types and characteristics of different talismanic objects, stones, and amulets, let’s now focus on how to charge them. Before charging your talisman, however, it’s important to ensure it has been effectively cleansed. So, how do you cleanse your talisman, precious stones, and amulets? 

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How to cleanse your amulet or talisman 

With the sole exception of paper and parchment amulets, all other talismans, amulets, and pentacles need to be cleansed before you can begin loading magick into them. The most effective way to cleanse your amulet is by using the magic of water. 

To start the cleansing ritual, take a glass of fresh cold water and place the amulet inside. While doing this, focus your energy and concentration on removing all evil influences from the talisman through the water. 

Hold your concentration for a moment to make sure there are no evil influences lingering within the talisman. There is no sure way to explain what you should feel, but you’ll experience a change once the amulet is clean and free from evil dominations.  

Next, completely dry the amulet in preparation for the loading phase. As you dry the talisman, ensure it’s receptive to your influence and that you have a felt connection. Proper cleansing and drying is an important step regardless of the method you wish to load your talisman with. 

How to effectively load your talisman 

There are numerous loading methods you can use to charge the amulet. Some of the common loading techniques are; 

Easy Techniques to Charge Amulets and Talismans
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Willpower and Imagination Charging 

Using willpower and imagination to load your talisman is arguably one of the simplest methods. The degree of efficiency using this method can vary depending on your imagination and willpower abilities. 

To load your talismanic object using this technique, hold the amulet in your hand and fix your imagination on the desired outcome. This also requires willpower, confidence, and faith by focusing on your desires’ long-term effects and results. 

As you charge the talisman using willpower and imagination, try and think about the implications of your wishes. What does it mean for them to come to fruition? Is the desired goal temporary or lifelong? And, does the talisman affect personal or can they be transferred through the talisman to other people? 

When imagining and reflecting on these aspects, use the present tense as though the desire is currently manifesting. Additionally, you can also use frequent repetition to improve the working ability and effectiveness of your amulet. While maintaining your concentration, transfer the feeling of accomplishing your desire towards the talisman and wish for the effectiveness to continue growing even without constantly thinking about it.

You can also wish the same effect on others if you intend to pass along the talisman. Provided you loaded the talisman to the best of your ability and desire, this should be enough to get the trinket started. 

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Loading with the Accumulation of Vital Power and Wish-Impregnation 

To load your amulet using this technique, you’ll need to accumulate vital power within yourself, which you can then direct to the talismanic object. Here’s a detailed step-by-step routine to help you accumulate vital power; 

  • Comfortably sit down in an armchair or lie down on your sofa and relax all your body’s muscles. 
  • Think and meditate about every breath you take. Think of it as a whole-body experience and not just the physical inhalation process. 
  • Continue the meditation process and build the conviction that every breath you take sips through your pores and conveys the vital power to your whole body. 
  • Focus your thoughts and feelings on acting as a dry sponge, ready to accept the power when dipped in water. 
  • Continue with this practice until you feel your breathing is in synchrony with your surrounding environment. 
  • At this point, you should experience a unique feeling of the vital power being drawn in by your pores and body. 

Once you’ve loaded with vital power, direct it through your right hand into the talisman. Compress the accumulated power into the talisman until it completely fills it. While at it, visualize the talisman sucking in the vital power and storing it for as long as needed. 

Throughout this loading process, maintain the conviction that the amulet will maintain and grow its effectiveness. Once the talisman has drawn the power and completely compressed it, you’ll get a unique feeling like white snow reflecting the sun. 

Through mindful meditation and focus, transfer your wish regarding the stone’s efficacy to your body while simultaneously accumulating vital power. You can further improve the talisman’s efficiency by imagining the after-effects of your wish coming true. Using present tense, express inner conviction that the amulet gains full effectiveness after you’re done loading it. 

To improve the desired results, avoid commanding several wishes or contradictory ones into a single talisman. Moreover, try and express desires that are somewhat within your realm of possibilities to prevent loading unimaginable or unattainable wishes. 

This process works for all types of talismans, and you can check the expanse of the force loaded with the help of a pendulum. The accumulated vital power should not be directed through your body if you’re loading the amulet for someone else. Instead, load the amulet directly from the universe while concentrating on filling the talisman and experiencing the manifestation of the wish. 

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Loading the Amulet with Accumulated Light-Power 

Loading talismans with accumulated light-power is often reserved for subtler spiritual effects. These may include varying occult powers, inspiration, and intuition. The loading process is similar to that of the accumulated vital force with linked desire-impregnation. 

After being loaded through this method, the light contained in a talisman is best described as an unusually bright light that shines brighter than ordinary light. 

If you’re loading the talisman for personal desires, you should use light-power accumulated from your own body. On the other hand, if you’re loading the talisman for another party, the power should be drawn directly from the universe. The rest of the steps remain similar to vital power accumulated.

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