How to Cleanse an Object for Magical or Ritual Use

How to Cleanse an Object for Magical or Ritual Use

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Simply put, cleansing an object entails cleaning it. The distinction is that you’re not just cleaning it physically. What you’re aiming to do is cleanse it energetically.

The act of cleansing is the removal of all past energy from an item. Even with brand-new ritual items, unwanted energy can emanate from a variety of sources. Almost any product involves the energy of multiple people who handle it along the way, from its construction to its final sale.

If you buy something used, it already has a lot of energy from the person who owned it before you.

Why Cleanse an object before Ritual use?

Objects do store energy. And you don’t want to use a magical tool that has negative energies or energies you don’t know about because it will affect your work.

Because of this, you should cleanse all of your magical and ritual items. This includes your athame, robe, and any other tools you plan to use in rituals or keep on your altar.

Even the candles you use and the item you use to engrave sigils onto your candles should be cleansed.

How to Cleanse an Object

There are various ways to cleanse a magical object, depending on what you have on hand and the material of the item itself.

Cleansing is a rather easy process. Start by cleaning the objects normally and taking care of them as you normally would. For example, any stones should be cleaned with water and proper cleaners. Cast iron may be cleaned using salt and oil or any other way you want. Candles and other tools can be dusted off and cleaned. Cleaning and sanitizing drinking and eating vessels is essential. Then continue to clean it energetically.

Why Cleanse an object before Ritual use
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Common Methods to Cleanse an Object

  • Smudging is an old ritual used by shamanic peoples all over the world. To cleanse an object, simply pass it through the smoke. It’s best to use a purifying scent like sage, sandalwood, lavender, or rosemary, but use what seems best for you.
  • You can also use your breath to cleanse and purify your tool by grounding and centering yourself first and then focusing your breath on the object.
  • Use the weather.  You may leave your tools outside, ideally on a windy day, and let the breeze take care of the work for you.
  • You can pass things over a candle flame, but be careful and make sure the object won’t get damaged. You’ll need some visualization abilities for this one since you’ll need to imagine the flame growing and surrounding the object to purify it.
  • Another natural cleanser is sunlight. Put your ritual items in bright sunlight for at least an hour to burn off any bad energy. This will leave them clean and ready to be charged with your energy for the best results.
  • Moonlight works similarly and is preferred for any objects that may be faded or otherwise affected by the sun’s light and heat. This is especially important when it comes to some gems and plants that you might want to use in spells.
  • You can wash the object in running water, like from a faucet or a stream, and say a simple prayer over it while imagining all the bad energy leaving the object and white light filling it. You may alternatively submerge the object in water that has been added a pinch of salt or a few drops of a purifying essential oil. If the object is very fragile, simply sprinkle it with a few drops of salt water.
  • If the object is resilient, you can bury it for at least a day in dirt or salt. Any negative energy will be absorbed by the soil or salt. Sea salt has been used for a long time to clean up dense energies, especially in crystals and candles. Simply bury the object for at least a day in a basin of salt, then remove and rinse – make sure to get rid of the salt. You can change this method by mixing sea salt with water and soaking or sprinkling your objects. But, depending on what they are made of, not everything lasts well in a salt bath, so you should do some research first.
  • Visualization is the simplest method. Take the object in your hands, and visualize a clean, pure white light coming through your hands and into the object. This will flush out any bad energy and fill the object with pure, clean energy.
  • Sound is another effective approach to releasing and breaking up stagnant energy; try ringing a bell or some chimes over your more delicate ritual items and ingredients to cleanse them for magical usage.

Use your discretion and be realistic when it comes to cleansing. Metal should not be soaked in seawater overnight because it will rust. Similarly, you should avoid placing paper near a fire.

Once you have cleansed your magical tools, you can bless or consecrate them.

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Cleanse an Object Using the Four Elements

In this case, the North was chosen to start our ritual because represents matter and magical substance, but you are free to begin wherever seems right to you.

1.Face north. Introduce the object to the earth element. Put it on the ground or soil, sprinkle salt or salt water on it, or pass it over a salt or earth-filled container. Then state:

“Earth removes all impurities from within you”

2. Turn to the east. Introduce the object to the air element. Wave it around you or pass it through some incense. Then state:

“All impurities within you are blown away by air”

3. Turn to the south. Introduce the object to the fire element. Pass it through incense, expose it to sunlight, or hold it over a candle. Then state:

“The impurities inside you are destroyed by fire”

4. Turn to the west. Introduce the object to the water element. Sprinkle it with water, pass it over a body of water, or pass it over a water-filled container. Then state:

“Water washes away all of your impurities”

After the cleansing of the object, you can proceed to the next step, which is to consecrate it. This is the topic of the next article.

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Common Methods to Cleanse an Object
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More Tips on Cleansing

  • Objects, as previously said, do store energy. So, whether magical or not, it is a good idea to purify anything you bring into your house.
  • Saltwater and incense are frequently employed. The elements of fire and air are combined in incense, and the elements of earth and water are combined in salt water. You can pass the object through the incense, and then sprinkle it with salt water. This way, you have the representation of all elements.
  • If you can perform the ritual in nature, find a place with a natural body of water like a pond, stream, river, or the like. Sit beside the water and invoke the sun to burn, the wind to blow, the water to clean, and the earth to ground your object.
  • If you don’t have easy access to sunlight, use a cup of water, a candle, salt, and the air around you as a representation of the four elements.
  • It’s also a good idea to cleanse jewelry, crystals, tools for divination, and altar tools from time to time, especially if they’ve been used a lot or haven’t been used in a while.

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