Test your Knowledge on the Hidden Meanings of Tarot

Test your Knowledge on the Hidden Meanings of Tarot II (Quiz)

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This is the second Quiz on esoteric meanings of Tarot. Tarot is a very old system of esoteric knowledge, full of occult symbology. Major Arcana is considered the core and foundation of the deck. Full of archetypal significance, each card reveals some of this wisdom, through symbols.

Take this quiz and Test your Knowledge on the Hidden Meanings of Tarot! Have fun!

The wands in woman's hands are the like the wand of the Magician, suggesting....

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The Justice tarot card depicts a seated woman who holds a sword, point upwards, in her right hand. The sword, pointing upwards express...

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In her right hand, she holds a sword, point upwards, expressing a decisive and final decision. The sword is double-edged, which symbolize that no violation of the law remains unpunished. Holding the sword in her right hand, indicate the logical, well-ordered mentality that is necessary to dispense fair justice.

What represents the pomegranate-patterned robe of the "Empress"?

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The two falling figures are fully dressed. What that it means?

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What symbolizes the wand that the rider of the "Chariot" holds in his hand?

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 He holds a wand like the Magician’s, symbolizing that he controls through the power of his will and mind, that’s why he appears to be driving the chariot, while holds no reins.

What represents the lion on card 8, "Strength"?

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The High Priestess has a scroll in her hands which is partly covered. What is the meaning of this?

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In front of the pedestal, there is a ring, from which two people are chained from their neck.Can they escape?

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If we look closer we will notice that the chains around their neck are loose and could easily be removed, but their individual power has been taken from them and they think that they can do nothing.

Why the two human figures are nude?

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The two aspects of human consciousness, when they are in perfect relation to superconsciousness, have nothing to conceal from each other.

Why the fool's costume is so colored?

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Why the Hierophant is seated between two pillars?

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Keeping the middle way, the Hierophant is called to reconcile the opposites. 

What indicates the sign of infinity upon the head of the Magician?

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Test your Knowledge on the Hidden Meanings of Tarot II

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