Scripting: How to Manifest Anything by Writing

Scripting: How to Manifest Anything by Writing

In Mind Science by Chris A. Parker

Manifestation is the power of bringing your desires and dreams into reality. It starts by tapping into your subconscious mind and putting these desires first into a vision and then later into reality.

Manifestation has roots in spirituality and our connection to the universe, and that is where the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration come in. To be able to manifest our desires into reality, we have to attract positive energy and the things we need to achieve that reality.

To help you make the most of your manifestation power, you will need to know what scripting is and make it a daily part of your life. In this guide, you will understand why this is important and also get tips on how to write a manifestation journal, and there will be examples to help you.

What is scripting?

Scripting is a law of attraction technique which involves you writing the story of your life as you would want it to be. You are not writing about your past that has already happened but rather the future your desire in every aspect.

A critical aspect to keep in mind, though, is writing the future as though it has already happened. For example, if you desire to have a lean body, your need is to lose weight. In turn, your script could be,

‘I am so happy I have the body I have always wanted. I am now able to put on my favorite dresses, and I love the confidence and better health I now enjoy.'

The idea here is to visualize the change not only as it has already happened but what it makes you feel and how it has changed your life to the one you have always desired. The importance of these and other aspects shall be evident when discussing how to write a manifestation list.

Why does scripting work?

Like everything else to someone starting to understand the Law of Attraction and the idea that everything in the universe is connected vibrating at a particular frequency, an exercise like scripting may appear simple and even inconsequential.

However, it is a powerful medium that works at different levels enabling you to realize your dreams. Here is why scripting works.

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How to manifest anything by writing :What is scripting?
1. Power of words 

Words are powerful, which is why they can uplift and inspire and, at the same time, hurt and crush beliefs. The right words will act as the pathways to the energy of the universe, helping you attract the right elements and positive energy you need in your life to manifest your dreams and desires.

2. It brings clarity to your desires and feelings

It is easy to have confusion as regards to what you truly want in your life. It is not strange to find people regularly changing your desires and dreams, and it may have happened to you several times. The problem with this is it messes up your focus and confuses the energies you are sending out to the universe.

For manifestation to happen, you have to be consistent and focused on what you desire. Every little desire adds up to the main ones, just like simple goals and achievements build-up to the main one.

Writing allows you to achieve this clarity, and from your manifestation list, you will be able to realize what it is you want most in life finally.  

3. Energy from feelings 

Closely related to the power of words is the energy you pick from the feelings around them and achieving what you desire. These feelings energize you overcoming your doubts and other negative emotions preventing you from attracting positive energy to your life and also motivate you to act on your goals as you realize you are worthy of them and stand to gain more in achieving them than in not taking action. 

4. Purpose in life

Beyond motivation, scripting your desires gives you a clear purpose in life, which gives meaning and direction to your efforts. Instead of engaging in underwhelming routines, you have a challenge and purpose of rising every day that is within your grasp and control. 

You escape the mundane aspects and become in charge of the direction your life takes. When you keep a journal, you direct and visualize what you want to achieve every day, which leads to the realization of the primary goal.  

5. Activate your subconscious 

Finally, scripting, especially when done daily, unlocks the immense potential of the subconscious in finding solutions to obstacles and other challenges that may lie on your path to your desires. Consistent scripting plants the primary desires and smaller daily desired outcomes in your mind.

Since you are writing in a state of having already experienced the manifestation of these results, your mind works in the background for you as you sleep, and as you go on your daily functions to find ways to make them a reality.

How to create your script

Creating your script is a pretty straightforward process, and all you need is a pen and paper or ideally a journal. A PC or mobile device may work too, but the act of writing on papers is more powerful and therapeutic. You will also need to set way some private time daily for your scripting.

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How to create your script

Here are steps on how to write a manifestation list

1. Clear your head from other thoughts and distractions.

To tap in your soul for what you truly want, you need a clear mind not pressed with other concerns. You can practice meditating for five minutes before starting your writing.

2. Be clear about the goals you want to achieve.

Do not be general in our goals, but be specific whether it is a new job, a promotion or better pay. Think about what you want to change in your life and why and what the achieved result would you feel.

3. Imagine your intended goal fulfilled.

You have to visualize the experience of having that new bed (better sleep, warmth, satisfaction), or satisfying workplace – (better furniture, understanding boss, appreciative colleagues, your input matters,), etc.

4. Write down in great detail your goals or vision of the life you want.

For example, if it is a goal to find a new bed, talk of the size, ideal type of wood, or kind of bed. The more detailed it is, the more powerful it is, and the vision sticks in your subconscious. Besides that, you should be able to use words that make you feel good and keep it positive.

Do not write in the negative or lack because it will take away from the empowerment the whole process aims to give you. 

5. Write in the present tense as having achieved the intention.

So, sticking to the bed example, write from the point of already having it. For example, ‘I have a new bed, and I am thankful for the better sleep I now have…

6. Feel and express gratitude for the visualized outcome.

Expressing gratitude is vital to manifesting your desires in any technique. It allows you to write from a positive point of view and attracts more similar outcomes. Feel grateful at every available opportunity. 

How to manifest anything by writing : express gratitude
Image by Ka Young Seo from Pixabay
7. Forget about it.

Once you are done with your writing, forget about it and get to work to achieve your goals. Pondering on the list and keeping thinking about it allows your logical part of the brain to come up with obstacles and reasons as to why you cannot attain the desired results, which hampers the whole process. 

What should I do next?

Once you have created the list or updated your manifestation journal, your next steps are also critical to how fast and whether you will realize the dreams. Here are the main things to do after writing. 

1. Trust the process of manifestation and do not give room to any doubt. You have to believe and trust your gut to know what you need and believe you deserve to actualize your vision. Affirmation exercises can help you if you are struggling with doubt.

2Keep your vibration high to be in line with the positive energy on the universe. There are several ways you can do this including regular acts of kindness, a proper diet rich in vegetables, teas and herbs among others, meditation, regular exercise, and being generally grateful for every little thing you have or experience. 

3. Work towards your goal to make use of all the positive energy you have and build on the newly discovered purpose. Taking action daily towards your dreams allows you to manifest them faster. 

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Scripting Manifestation examples

Beyond the examples discussed above, here is a sample of a manifestation letter to guide you when keeping a manifestation journal. The letter is written to yourself, and you can expand it with as many details as you can on your individual goal.

The idea is to write clearly and heartfelt, fully visualizing the desired outcome and how you will feel it.  

Dear universe or your name
I am grateful that I got the job of my dreams. I love it. The interview was great, and the company is excellent, and I can't wait to get started. It really is what I wanted, and I am so happy my career is getting the boost I so much wanted. Thank you so much, universe.

You can make scripting a daily routine for a fixed period, say 7-30 days. Like with goal setting, it does help to have a main goal supported by small other targets you can achieve daily or in a short period. For example, if you are looking for a lean body as the main goal, then the smaller targets would be to find the best diet, and going to the gym or finding an ideal home workout routine. 

As part of your process, you will need to exclude the negative things in your life, including people to avoid detractors and sources of doubt. The power to manifest and write the story of your life as you want it is with you.

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