What Is the Law of Rhythm?

The Hermetic Law of Rhythm – How to Use It and How to Escape from It

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The Law of Rhythm is a law of timing describing the universal ebbs and flows between the different extremes, much like a pendulum. It governs the cycle of creation and destruction, life and death, and everything in between. In the Kybalion, this principle states:

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

Chapter 11 of the Kybalion

It shows that movement in the universe is inherent and inevitable and that the role of rhythm is to balance the changes between the polarities. The Law of Rhythm thus guides transitions and illustrates how we experience the changes in life as what happens in the rest of the world.

Why is the law of rhythm important?

Understanding and recognizing the rhythms and moments of transitions in your life allows you to work with them instead of working against you. The law of rhythm is further essential because of the two reasons below;

  1. Rhythm is everywhere
  2. Nothing is permanent
Rhythm is everywhere

Rhythm is in everything around you. You can see it in seasons, from summer to winter with autumn and spring in between. You can also see it day and night as the sun rises and sets. You can see it in the phases of the moon, the ebb, and the flow of the tides, among other physical manifestations.

In your own life, you can see the Law of Rhythm in your heartbeat, breathing in and out, in life and death, and through your highs and lows. There is no escaping or denying the Law of Rhythm since it is in everything and everywhere.

Why is the law of rhythm important
Pendulum. From Wikimedia Commons
Nothing is permanent

Another vital aspect of the Law of Rhythm is that nothing is ever permanent. Life is constantly changing, either moving forward or backward, and it is a cycle. No one remains a child forever, nor at the top of their careers/business.

There is always something new and better, make the changes in technology for example. It is also vital, especially when experiencing highs and lows, that you remember they will not last, and knowing such, you should not give up nor rest on your laurels as change is coming.

How The Law of Rhythm Works?

The Law of Rhythm builds on the other Hermetic principles, especially the law of vibration and the law of polarity (duality). The law of vibrations states that everything is constantly moving and nothing rests, while the law of polarity states everything is dual and has its pair of opposites. The Law of Rhythm thus works to provide a direction in the movement inherent in everything in and out of the various polarities.

It is the principle of change, and it ensures the movement is not random but equal and even measurable in most instances. It works like a pendulum where the movement to one side is equal to the movement on the other side, and this is true in all physical, spiritual, and mental spheres. The change in any direction is equal, keeping it in line with the aspect of the law to compensate. In doing so, it provides ways to predict changes and plan for the future.

How to Apply the Law of Rhythm?

While rhythm is inherent and cannot be stopped, it is not pleasant to oscillate between different extremes. Take, for example, your daily moods being in a celebratory mood and then moving to a depressive feeling. Moving through success and failure will also be destabilizing unless you understand and apply the law of rhythm.

Go with the flow of the rhythm.

A critical part of applying this law is going with the flow. Once you understand that nothing is permanent, and changes will not surprise you. Even better, you go with the flow embracing the highs and lows without your emotions being affected. You take the highs to celebrate your efforts, while the lows give you a chance to recharge and restart.

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How to Escape the Law of Rhythm?

Straight answer: you can’t. The only way to avoid being hit by the adverse movement of the law of Rhythm is to transcend it. Doing this means you are accepting the rise and fall nature of things, but you are not allowing your mental state to be influenced by the swings. To learn to do this, you have to avoid emotional attachment and build a mind of indifference to the ebbs and flow of life.

To attain this indifference, you should ground yourself and practice gratitude in all situations. Thus, when you experience highs, they do not surprise you and move you from your grounded state. You feel happy and express your gratitude, but your happiness does not affect your peace. When you experience lows, you feel the pain and the setback, but it also does not take away your peace. You are detached from the event but continue with your planning and own momentum without being affected by the respective swings.

How to Apply the Law of Rhythm
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How Do You Maintain Rhythm and Avoid Severe Pendulum Swings?

Achieving master of the Law of Rhythm is being able to maintain your rhythm so that you do not get swayed by different directions the pendulum swings. A severe pendulum swing, even a positive one, can mess your rhythm and set you up for a huge drop. The tips below will help you maintain your rhythm and manage severe pendulum swings.

1. Maintain your positivity and focus

It is impossible to stop the pendulum from swinging, but you can change your mindset through the swings. A vital aspect of all Hermetic teachings is that everything is mental, and so your mindset state will determine the effect of the wings on your rhythm. Keep a positive mindset even when you notice the pendulum starting to shift, and in turn, it will help you maintain your focus regardless of the prevailing circumstance. 

2. Do not give in to despair

People experience low moments differently, and the intensity varies depending on individual circumstances. Whatever your low moment is, do not give in to despair because you should understand the moment is temporary. Giving in to despair makes the low last longer, and you miss the opportunity to prepare for the change in the pendulum’s direction.

3. Perseverance and consistent

Being consistent is essential to maintaining your rhythm. You have a plan and keep it at it regardless of the changing times. Do not let good times lure you to relaxing or taking on more than you can handle. In the same manner, persevere working on your plan and efforts during low times, meaning your rhythm is the same through all circumstances.

4. Don’t hinge your happiness on things that change

Happiness should not shift with circumstances if you are aiming to maintain your rhythm. Your happiness should be on things you have control over and which are not susceptible to pendulum shifts. Your health, relationship, and career will change, but something like your goal, values, etc., or even past achievements will not shift like a pendulum. If your happiness is not pegged on things easily affected by the swings, then you can maintain your rhythm.

5. Make the most of your highs

The highs should not just be about merry and having fun or celebration. Using the example of the biblical story of Joseph in Egypt, during the seven years of plentiful harvest, plan for the seven lean years. So, when at the top, network, invest, build memories, and these will serve you best in the low swing. It also significantly reduces the impact of the backward swing or the fall so that with each progress, you don’t get back behind.

6. Be strategic in your lows

Once you understand lows are inevitable and also temporarily, you can use them to your advantage. Do not expend your energy on despair and stress but rather take it as a time to regroup, refresh and get ready for the coming rise. Thus, you are never reacting to your moments but maintaining your rhythm, and thus, the swings seem to work for you and to your advantage.

End Words

The Hermetic Law of Rhythm explains why and how change happens. Changes will always happen, but it does not have to be negative or against you, even during the lows. Once you understand it is part of a cycle, you do not become overly attached or affected by either highs or lows. Learning to maintain your rhythm and rising above the changes allows you to escape the effects of the swinging tides.

There is time for everything, and there will be rises and falls, flows in and out. Instead of this being an obstacle, understanding this law allows you to use the rhythm of the changes to succeed and not suffer from the dips.

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