Moon Magick - Harness the Magical Qualities of the Moon for Manifestation and Healing

Moon Magick – Harness the Magical Qualities of the Moon for Manifestation and Healing

In Magick by Chris A. Parker

What do you think about when you’re out at night gazing at the moon? Do you have experience magical, spiritual, scientific, or romantic feelings? What historical, magickal, and cultural myths and stories do you associate the moon within your region? 

Since time immemorial, celestial bodies have been revered for their magical qualities. The sun and the moon are perhaps some of the most idolized celestial bodies throughout history. All notable civilizations, including the Greeks, Mayans, Vikings, Egyptians, and many more, viewed the moon as more than just a celestial body. 

If you look at any culture and civilization through history, you’ll notice they all had their own unique stories and myths tying the moon to their practices and beliefs. For eons, the moon has been used to measure time, predict the future, and provide light in the darkness. 

Just like the sun, the moon has been linked to numerous gods, goddesses, and powerful beings by different people around the globe. The celestial body is also closely tied with the world of magic, wonder, and myth. All these associations believe the moon is directly related to the central concerns of our existence. These include aspects like love, fertility, passion, mystery, death and rebirth, and matters of the afterlife. 

If you study the phases of the moon, you’ll realize it goes through rebirth and growth until it reaches its full potential. Then, the moon wanes down and repeats the whole process altogether. In many ways, the human body follows a similar phase. For example, since time immemorial, women have used the cycles of the moon to predict and track their own menstruation cycles. 

In many cultures, the moon is considered a goddess of fertility. This close relation with fertility can be traced to the moon’s similarity with the womb. Just as the womb changes, so too does the moon through waxing and waning. 

While the earth produces its energy, it also draws a lot of energy from the sun. The sun as an energy source is best described as masculine and protective energy. The moon, too, projects energy which the earth also uses. This energy is best described as feminine and receptive or magnetic.

While this lunar power may be a lot more subtle, it is still strong enough to attract your attention every so often. For instance, you may have noticed some people feel attracted to the moon in its full and new moon phases. 

Medically, the terms lunatic and looney, which often means crazy, are direct derivates of the term lunar or moon. This is why many subjects displaying looney behavior may be imminent during certain phases of the moon. Others experience increased awareness of everything within their environment aided by the moon’s phases. 

For lunar energy to freely interact with you, you’ll need to be in tune with your intuitive energy. Intuitive energy, also known as the sixth sense, shares the same feminine, magnetic, and receptive qualities as the moon.

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When you connect with the moon, you’re opening up a channel to direct your desires and manifestations into fruition and realization. When you create this channel with the moon at the right time and during the right phase, you can then amplify the effect and power of your spells.  

It’s important to note that not every magick practitioner bothers with magical timing and the phases of the moon. Some witches opt to create their methods and techniques. With the help of lunar timing, you can amplify your manifestations with the help of the most conducive moon phase.

Simply put, using the moon in your magickal works is like swimming alongside the tide, not against it.

To better understand the full workings of the moon, you’ll need to learn about lunar magick, the different phases of the moon, magical properties tied to various moon phases, and the matching correspondence. In reality, studying lunar magick is a continuous process.

Below, let’s break down the essential aspects of lunar magick in a simplified yet practical way.

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Lunar Magick Correspondences 

The moon relates with certain elements, animals, plants, gods and goddesses, and other magickal elements in various ways. Here’s a detailed breakdown of various magical correspondences with the moon and lunar magic.

Table: Lunar Magick Correspondences

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The Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Crone 

For a long, the Wiccans have associated the moon’s phases with the triple goddess. The waxing moon is associated with the maiden, while the full moon and waning moon are associated with the mother and the Crone.

Throughout your life, you’ll also experience these phases irrespective of your gender. You start off as a young one, develop and grow into your full potential, then age and die away. The same can be said of the moon and its phases.

Where do you Start with Lunar Magick? 

If you’re interested in understanding more about the power of the moon and the world of lunar magick, the best place to start is by familiarizing yourself with the various lunar phases.

To achieve this, simply go outside on different days and note the phase of the moon. Do these enough times that you instinctively know the phase without having to check. If the moon is obscured or you can’t see it from where you are, you can also use a moon app. These apps tell you about the phase of the moon every night. You may also google it as the information is readily available.

After familiarizing yourself with the different phases, you have to think about what you’d want to attract or repel from your life. Simply writing down this objective is a powerful statement of intent. It is a vital but also overlooked part of magick.

Lunar magick (like all kinds of magick) makes use of symbolism as a tool of communication. The relation between the moon and magic is best described as the cycle of waxing and waning. When the moon is on its growth journey, you can use lunar power for increase and creation.

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On the flip side, as the moon wanes, you can perform the magic of decreasing. If you’re looking to bring a fresh aspect into your life through lunar magick, the best time is during the growing or waxing phase of the moon. If you’re looking to release or banish an undesired element of your life, the dying or waning moon is the best phase for that. 

Start your practice as simple as possible. For example, a simple moon ritual, like a cleansing bath during the waning or new moon, can be incrementally useful and beneficial. You can add herbs like jasmine that corresponds to the moon to improve the outcome.

Or you can choose the waxing phase of the moon, to perform a simple candle ritual to attract something to you. Gradually, you can add layers of correspondences (such as herbs, crystals, etc.) to enhance your spells. As a precautionary and safety measure, always ensure the herbs you use are safe and ideal. 

The next time you feel like performing a ritual or casting a spell, start by researching the best moon phase for your ritual. Fortunately, there’s a lot of credible information on lunar magick practices. Additionally, lunar magick is pretty straightforward and practical; with enough practice and research, you’ll soon be in tune with the moon’s cycles. This may also create a closer connection between your emotions, feelings, and dreams during specific moon phases.  

After your spellwork, it’s important to forget all about your magickal working. This is another vital step of magick. It is not easy but it is crucial. Thoughts are also a form of energy, and when you’re fixated on the magical rite, you could be pulling energy from it.

Additionally, if you keep thinking about your intent and why it’s not coming to fruition yet, you’ll likely open yourself to doubt, which then increases the negative energy. Once the thought is out of mind, you’re symbolizing to trust the universe and her mystical works to deliver you the desired goal. 

Remember to keep detailed records of all your spells, rituals, and magickal operations. Detailing everything, record what you did before, during, and after the ritual, as well as any effects of the spell. This is a great way to improve your magickal powers by drawing on what works and customizing what doesn’t.

By developing a habit of carefully noting your journey and operations, you can easily and quickly master lunar magick. 

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Moon Magick: A Detailed Overview of the Moon Phases 

As mentioned above, there are specific timings where certain spells and rituals can thrive and manifest effectively. By getting your timing correct, you can harness the power of the moon and propel your desires and goals. Here’s a breakdown of the various moon phases and the best accompanying magickal practices and experiences. 

Generally, the moon can be split into two major phases – the waxing phase and the waning phase. But, what exactly does that mean, and how can it impact magical experiences? 

The waxing moon – This period is best described as a time where the moon grows from darkness to fullness. The entire process takes about fourteen days or a half cycle to complete. In traditional moon magic practice, people use the waxing moon to create positive magic. This is the magic used to attract things to you and to cultivate an atmosphere and environment of growth and creation.

The magnetic nature of the moon during this period helps bring things out. While there are different practices on every phase of the moon, the entire waxing period should be used on constructive magick. Ideally, this is the magic to build and manifest your desires and goals. 

The waning moon – Unlike the waxing phase, the waning phase can be described as the period where the moon decreases from its majesty and fullness and turns to the dark moon. Similar to the waxing moon, it takes about fourteen days or half a complete cycle to achieve the waning period. 

As the moon decreases, so too does her magical power. As a result, repellent spells and rituals work better than attractive ones. So, this is the ideal time to practice magical spells to get rid of the undesired elements of your life. In Wicca and pagan traditions, the waning moon is the perfect time to perform baneful magic. Simply put, this is the time to get rid of, send away, or destroy anything that burdens you. 

Moreover, the moon’s waning period is ideal for releasing the energy of outward action and improve your relation with your inward energies. This can help you to eliminate negative experiences and energies. As such, the magickal works for the waning moon should be aimed at resolving conflicts, overcoming obstacles, and eliminating illnesses.

These two are the major phases of the moon. Let’s now delve into each specific phase of the moon and its implication and effects on lunar magick. 

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New Moon
New Moon
New Moon 

Sometimes referred to as the young moon, the new moon is the first phase of the moon. Usually, the young moon appears as a crescent visible after sunset in the west, a day or two after the waning phase. 

In most cases, the silverly new moon isn’t visible as it appears on the horizon. Since it’s almost always obscured by other objects and structures, a moon phase app can help you detect the right phase. With time, however, you’ll be able to tell the new moon intuitively. 

The new moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle. As such, it’s the perfect time to dream and visualize elements in your life that need creating. In traditional pagan beliefs, magical spells and rituals performed during the new moon should be targeted toward initiating new ventures and projects. However, any spell or ritual dealing with attracting or increasing is allowed during this phase of the moon. 

In most magical paths, this period is considered a fallow time. This is the period where you can rest and rejuvenate before starting any magickal workings. In other paths, this is also the time associated with wish fulfillment.

Waxing Crescent
Waxing Crescent
Waxing Crescent 

As the silver new moon grows, it becomes an east-facing crescent as viewed from the southern hemisphere. The waxing crescent moon phase forms between three and half days to seven days after the young moon. 

The period of waxing crescent phase should be dedicated to gathering ideas and additional information as well as laying new foundations and strategies for your upcoming projects. This is also the time to focus on business, emotions, change, and feminine strength. 

First Quarter
First Quarter
First Quarter 

After about three and a half days of the waxing crescent moon phase, the first quarter phase appears. The first quarter phase of the moon is also known as the waxing half-moon. This time period is associated with rituals and practices of continued success. Use this time to bring success closer to its manifestation, work on your core relationships and friendships, and general good luck. 

The waxing half-moon is a time of rich energy flow. As a result, this period is most conducive for attraction spells and rituals. Unlike the waxing crescent period, where you should introspect and bring new things out, the waxing half-moon is a time where you should be using magick to manifest your desires and wishes. 

Use the first quarter phase to attract the aspects you wish to display in your life. These may include money, success, and protection. Moreover, this is an ideal time to attract new people to your life. This could be new friends, a lover, or even clients. You can also use the waxing half-moon phase to get a pet or animal companion, as you’ll bond more during this period. 

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Waxing Gibbous
Waxing Gibbous
Waxing Gibbous Moon 

The waxing gibbous moon is the final phase before the full moon. This phase appears between the tenth and fourteenth days after the new moon. 

The waxing gibbous phase is still considered a period of constructive or creative magick. This time is best used to reel in things that you’re already working on. For example, if you’ve been working on a project and there are no results yet, the waxing gibbous phase can help you drive more energy into manifesting the project. Moreover, you can also use this time to focus on any stalled and stagnant projects. 

This phase carries excellent levels of energy that can help renew your strengths, will, and determination. For instance, if you’re giving up on a diet, feeling burnt out, and getting easily distracted from your projects, the waxing gibbous moon can give you a power boost to return and focus on your main tasks or projects. 

Full Moon
Full Moon
Full Moon 

The full moon phase is a period when the moon is directly opposite the sun. During this phase, the moon is at its peak strength, and you can connect to massive amounts of lunar energy. The full moon is full of energy, and any believer should use this time to harness and direct the moon’s energy. 

In many cases, the full moon is fully visible in the sky. However, you may still need an astrological calendar or almanac to determine the exact day and time of the moon’s peak strength and ability. In most Pagan paths, the days before and after the peak full moon are also considered part of the full moon phase. This gives three total days of the moon’s peak performance and strength. 

The energy produced by the full moon should be directed towards major and challenging projects. As such, this is not the time to draw energy to help you reorganize your closet or get laundry done. Some of the aspects that work best under the full moon phase include family, love and romance, knowledge, health and healing, self-improvement, motivation, and protection.

Magical spells, rituals, and meditations revolving around your psychic development, spirituality, dreams, and divination are well suited for this phase of the moon. 

Waning Gibbous
Waning Gibbous
Waning Gibbous Moon 

The waning gibbous moon is the general time for cleansing and upkeep. During this time, you can start any minor bashings. If you’ve been thinking about cleaning various aspects of your home, garden, office, and other personal spaces, you can do so during the waning gibbous moon phase. Ideally, the spells and magickal practices around this time should be geared towards decluttering and keeping things from mounting up and overwhelming you. 

This phase of the moon is also a good time to cleanse any magical tools or personal objects such us jewelry. Moreover, if you have a situation that needs closure, this phase can help with that. This is also the time to end any unsatisfying business ventures or unfulfilling relations. 

In addition, the waning gibbous moon phase is the time for deep reflection and introspection. Instead of looking to the future or focusing on new things, you can reflect on the journey so far and your overall experience. 

Waning Half Moon
Waning Half Moon
Waning Half Moon or Third Quarter

Sometimes referred to as the third quarter, the waning half-moon is visible between seven and ten and a half days from the full moon. The third-quarter moon can be seen in the sky facing west in relation to the southern hemisphere. 

The third quarter phase is ideal for disengaging from uncomfortable or compromising situations. You can use this period to overcome addiction and get out of physical problems. Some people will use the waning half-moon phase to start divorce proceedings or to neutralize an enemy. 

Generally, the third quarter phase can help you overcome obstacles and hurdles that may cause you to stumble. Additionally, this phase can also be used to help with transitions. The smoother your transition process, the easier your projects get and the better your manifested results. 

waning crescent
Waning Crescent
Waning Crescent 

The waning crescent moon phase is the closest to the dark moon. As a result, this phase can be used on more potent banishing spells and rituals. Basically, if there are aspects of your life that bring you nothing but stress, negativity, chaos, and strife, the waning crescent moon is the perfect phase to get rid of them. 

While serious banishing spells should be saved for the dark moon, the waning crescent moon is also powerful. If there are things that have been plaguing you and you wish to permanently close the door on them, you can use this period to do so.

For example, during the waning crescent moon phase, you can drop any hopeless projects and end unfruitful relationships and friendships. Anything you banish during the waning crescent moon will fully disappear from your life. 

Dark Moon 

The dark moon is the last phase of the complete lunar cycle and appears within ten and half days and fourteen days from the full moon. The term dark moon refers to the last visible crescent of the waning phases of the moon. The dark moon is the least visible and lasts between one and three days, depending on its positioning and ecliptic latitude.

In many Wicca branches, the dark moon is a period where little-to-no magick should be performed. Instead, you ought to rest as the moon also appears to be doing. Most practices advise you to deeply analyze the things you want. You can also use this time to dig deep within yourself for an in-depth understanding of self.

While many people will refrain from using magic during this period, the dark moon is full of power and lunar energy. If you wish to perform magickal rituals, consider spells and practices related to closure and completion.

Additionally, since the dark moon is a powerful source of lunar energy, you can take advantage of this period cast strong banishing spells. Ideally, these should be spells of overcoming severe illnesses and addictions and ridding yourself of unwanted entities. The Dark Moon is also a good time to perform divination.

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How to Use Moon Magick More Effectively

The lunar cycle is a complete process that can help you harness the power to improve your life. While some people argue that you do not always have to align your intent with the best corresponding phase of the moon, and others do not want to wait until the “best timing”, choosing to do so may yield better results.

Patience is a crucial pillar of magick as you need the best conditions for your spell or ritual to work. So, be patient. Use this time to get yourself in the best mental condition for the spellwork.

Additionally, by breaking down your desires and wishes, you can find the right moon phase correspondence to work on your goal in multiple ways.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight and get in shape, there are various phases that can help you. In this case, you can use the waxing crescent to improve your dedication and willpower, the waxing gibbous to triumph over cravings, and the waning half-moon to destroy tempting thoughts and feelings.

This breakdown procedure can be used on almost any desire you have, no matter its intensity. For instance, if you’re going through a tough divorce, specific phases can help you get the desired results. When starting the divorce proceedings, utilize the power of the waxing crescent and use the first quarter phase to draw a great lawyer for your case.

To manifest great results, you can use the full moon, while the third quarter can be used to end the proceedings quickly. If the case is dragging on for too long, or if the other party is playing unfairly, you can use the power from the dark moon phase to balance things out.

Additionally, consider fine-tuning your timings to improve the efficacy of your magickal spells, rituals, and practices. Aspects such as the moon sign, planetary hours, the right day of the week can strengthen your spells. While all these aspects don’t alight often, you can use certain apps and technologies to determine the best time alignment. The more levels of correspondences you put into your magical work, to your advantage, the better the result.

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Lunar magick is a powerful practice when properly utilized. To understand more about magickal practices, develop a habit of being attentive to the moon’s phases and rhythms every day. By intuitively understanding where the moon is and what that means, you can customize your spells and rituals to produce the maximum effect. 

The moon follows a never-ending cycle from the new moon to the full moon, then the dark moon and back again. These cycles provide endless opportunities to use lunar energy to your full benefit while improving your spellwork. 

Finally, it’s important to remember that lunar magick is not an exact science. Just like cooking, you’ll need a few basics and fundamentals to start you off. As you progress, however, you’ll find your routines and practices that work best for you.  

The art of lunar magic is a personal and deliberate one, and as you grow in the space, your personal energy may drive you to a new path. Don’t shy away from taking this new path and discovering a whole new aspect of lunar magickal practices. There are a lot of resources available on practicing lunar magick.

However, it’s almost certain that you’ll discover your unique journey. And while you can start off with the advice shared on various platforms, your inner energy will dictate your path. So, don’t worry if you find different or conflicting advice; simply experiment and find out what best suits you. 

As you embark on this transformative and explorative journey, remember that the moon is full of power and energy. This power can help you change your life, manifest new desires, and banish old and stagnant elements in your life.

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