Test your Knowledge on the Hidden Meanings of Tarot

Test your Knowledge on the Hidden Meanings of Tarot (Quiz)

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Tarot is a very old system of esoteric knowledge, full of occult symbology. Major Arcana is considered the core and foundation of the deck. Full of archetypal significance, each card reveals some of this wisdom, through symbols.

Take this quiz and Test your Knowledge on the Hidden Meanings of Tarot! Have fun!

There is a profound meaning in this card, but it is veiled. The law of …….. is one of the great secrets of occultism and is apparent in this card.

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What symbolized by the white lilies and red roses on the bottom of the Magician's card?

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What is symbolized by the six-pointed star inside the Hermit's lantern?

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It is a symbol of wisdom, also known as the Seal of Solomon

What does represent the child in this card?

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What is represented by the black flag that Death bears?

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Death bears a black flag decorated with a white, five-petal “Mystic Rose” which signifies life, while the number five represents change. 

Which are the similarities between "The Magician" and "Strength"?

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Their white robe, showing spiritual purity. The symbol of the infinite above their heads shows their infinite potential and wisdom and the red roses representing human desires.

The Justice tarot card depicts a seated woman who holds a scale in her left hand. The scale here is a symbol of...

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What represents the scepter, that the "Emperor" holds in his right hand?

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 However, we must not see in this a brutal weapon, but the emblem of the highest initiating, or magical, power.

In this card, the angel has a triangle enclosed in a square on the front of his robe. What does this sign represent?

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What does the container, in girl's right-hand, represent?

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From the container in her right-hand falls a stream of water that creates a wavy motion in the lake, which represents the activity of subconscious mind.

Why are the bodies of the dead grayish?

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They are coming back to life, not in the body but in the spirit.

On the outer corners of this card are four mysterious winged animals. These animals have been mentioned by the prophet Ezekiel and in the Revelation of Apostle John.

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The hidden meanings of Major Arcana

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