The Hermetic Law of Mentalism

The Hermetic Law of Mentalism – Learn the Basic Structure of Your Life

In Hermetism by Chris A. Parker

“The ALL is Mind, everything is mental.” 

The Kybalion

The first of the Seven Hermetic Laws states that the universe is mental. This means that the reality we live in comes about as a direct result of our thoughts and consciousness. This is an immutable, constant law of nature.

The reality each person experiences in this world is born out of their thoughts and actions. All this takes place within the context of our minds as part of the overarching consciousness better known as the Universal Mind.

Understanding this funded talk concept will serve as a powerful key for any student seeking access to the vast temple of psychic and mental knowledge, which can only be entered by those who are open, intelligently aware, and willing.

The principle of mental substance, which underpins this hermetic law, applies to all planes of reality,  as everything is encompassed in THE ALL.

The essential truth of this principle is that ‘All is mind.’ Spirit refers to the Unknowable, Undefinable, Universal Living Mind. It is what underpins all that is outwardly visible, and that manifests itself in the ‘Material Universe,’ and which has often been denoted using such appellations as Matter, Energy, and all of Life’s Phenomena.

A strong correlation may be made with the Law of Unity, which teaches us that everything is tied to the Universal Mind. Whether you choose to refer to this entity as the mind of God, or All One, it means the infinite intelligence or pure consciousness that manifests itself through the spiritual and natural laws that form the framework and parameters that govern our existence. 

It expounds on the precept that the intelligent energy that makes up all things in existence is directed through frequency vibrations, a Universal Blueprint, and the active motive force created according to the set of instructions set forth by the mind.

These concepts serve to explain the reality that the Universe is a direct manifestation of The All and is entirely subordinate and subject to the Laws of Creation. In short, all that the universe encompasses exists within the Mind of The All, and all our thoughts and actions occur within its boundless essence.

“We cannot express powers that we do not possess. The only way by which we may secure possession of power is to become conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power until we learn that all power is from within.”

Charles Haanel

Our Minds are Part of the Universal Mind.

Even with our seemingly unique and individual thought processes, we are all a part of the Universal Mind, and the same applies to all non-living or inanimate matter. We might not know what the limits of our minds truly are, but it is a creation of the infinite All Mind. This essentially means that our minds and consciousness also form a part of the Universal Consciousness, the Mind of The Absolute.

The idea that the human mind is an autonomous, independent entity is one we find reassuring. From the moment we achieve self-awareness, our minds actively make decisions that affect our actions and outwards to the world at large. It thus follows that our belief systems are heavily predicated on our thoughts and decision-making protocols. These inform our belief systems and the way we engage with the universe.

How to Apply the Law of Mentalism
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How to Apply the Law of Mentalism

Taking the knowledge that our thoughts directly impact our reality and applying it in our daily lives can positively affect our circumstances. This is why a study of the Law of Mentalism should be a priority for anyone seeking mastery over themselves and their circumstances.  

Herein are a few pointers on how to apply the Law of Mentalism in our lives:

  • Develop a clear picture of what you want your life to manifest.  Lack of vision invites chaos into our lives. It also makes it easy for others to bear undue influence on your circumstances, perhaps to your detriment. Disappointment, unhappiness, confusion, and a general lack of fulfillment in our lives can be the end result of not making it clear to the universe (which includes yourself) what it is you want from life.
  • Mindfulness refers to the practiced habit of monitoring your thoughts and feelings to prevent the tendency to be negative. Anxiety, stress, anger, envy, and so on are some of the negative mental states humans tend to fall into when not actively guarding against them. They taint our interactions and actions, rarely with positive results. 
  • Train yourself to direct and manage your thought processes. The patterns we allow our minds to adopt influence everything else in our lives. The ability to consciously redraw our thoughts along positive lines will significantly improve the outcomes we experience. 
  • Avoid blind consumerism, especially in the news or social media that increasingly offer biased, negative, and ultimately unhelpful content. Rely on your original thoughts more than you fall back on the thoughts of others; otherwise, you will be easily manipulated and end up followers instead of leaders in your own life.
  • Once you develop the ability to consciously monitor your internal environment – the thoughts within your thoughts – you’ll start to appreciate the relevance of this principle in your life fully. You will begin to see how it might apply to your well-being, both spiritual and mental.
  • The Law of Mentalism needs to be well understood to grasp the full weight of the other Natural Laws. This understanding will grant the student an increased ability to influence all the planes and dimensions that affect the world as they experience it.

Law of Mentalism and Positive Thinking

Simply put, good thoughts attract good things while negative thoughts bring bad things. To be more precise, our faith and adoption of Universal promise will manifest according to the energy we put out. Perception, potential, and power will be eroded by doubt in your capacity to influence the outcomes in your life.

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Final Thoughts

The mind is interspersed throughout the fabric of the universe, and our thoughts and attitudes have the power to influence the conditions we experience more significant than many of us appreciate. Focus generates an emotional charge that either repels or attracts the object of its direction.  The adept mentalist is one that has developed the ability to generate emotion through conscious will and focus it in whatever direction they please. 

It is not by chance that the Law of Mentalism stands as the first in the series of Universal Laws – it offers a doorway and introduction to the rest of the Laws and how to apprehend them adeptly and in their entirety. Applying what we’ve covered here will be a good step as you embark upon the journey towards the life you know you deserve. Go out there and do it!

“He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on the path to Mastery.”

The Kybalion

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