Confirmed! 5 Spiritual Truths that Science Confirms

Confirmed! 5 Spiritual Truths that Science Confirms.

In Mind Science by Chris A. Parker

Why is the sky blue? How do deserts form?

These are some of the questions science has been able to answer in the past. We have always been curious about our surroundings, and through science, have tried to decipher the meaning and process in the environment.

That which has not been discovered today, scientists and researchers in various studies and fields are grappling to try and understand.

Take Déjà vu as an example. In multiple names and forms, there are countless records of people describing the feeling throughout history.

Initially, numerous theories were attempting to explain the feeling of déjà vu. Each community and region had their understanding and interpretation of the feeling.

However, while science may not have all the answers, it has unified most of the world by eliminating various theories associated with the feeling.

In the near future, based on the current advancements and research, there might be a conclusive answer on what causes the feeling.

You might be wondering why talking about Déjà vu is essential, but it is a critical point for beginning to understand the role of science in life. And not just as a source used to debunk myths, but one used to unify all of humanity in one understanding.

In short, science bears the litmus test on most beliefs and theories, both in the past and present.

In the past, fields such as science and spirituality were parallels. While they both offered unique insight on various matters, you could only belong to one school of thought.

With time, however, these two different subjects have come to merge and exist together. Moreover, they complement each other and, to an extent, offer a sort of positive codependency energy.

With science as the basis, what are some spiritual beliefs that science has come to agree with, or at least attest to more than usual evidence?

Here are some of the top spirituality beliefs confirmed or seconded by science.

1. The human soul can live after a person’s death

For a long time, spirituality has believed the human soul exists even after a person’s demise.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, science thought a person’s death is their finality.

With time, science has come to understand the human soul, and appreciate there’s irrefutable evidence of life after death –in this case, the life of a soul.

 Spiritual Truths that Science Confirms. The human soul can live after a person’s death
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Sir Roger Penrose, a British physicist and one of the foremost researchers into this theory claims the human soul doesn’t die along with the body.

Sir Roger believes that consciousness is a person’s information, knowledge, and experiences, stored at a sub-atomic or quantum level. This information is stored within the human cells, deep in the microtubules.

While scientists are still trying to understand what really is consciousness, there’s merit to Sir Roger’s theory.

According to Sir Roger’s research, when a person temporarily dies, the aforementioned quantum information is released out into the universe. Still, it returns to the body’s cells when the person is brought back to life.

Several other reputable experts believe that the physical universe you’re in is just but a single perception and that when the physical body dies, there’s an infinite life beyond.

Furthermore, according to Dr. Jim Tucker, another respected voice in the field, the soul can live after the host’s demise.

This furthers the theory of reincarnation and the existence of life after physical death. Dr. Jim’s theory suggests that after death, the soul leaves the physical body and finds another living host where it can then continue to exist.

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2. Time is an illusion

Albert Einstein is regarded as one of the most gifted men in history. Whether you agree with this or not is up to personal preference.

However, one fact you cannot dispute is he has had a lot of influence in today’s world and how science perceives various subjects.

Spiritual Truths that Science Confirms.
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One of his famous theories is the theory of relativity. According to Einstein, time is relative. This goes against what was largely believed at the time –that time is constant.

A simple way to explain this is through the cycle of life; you are born, you live through time, then you die. Since this is all pegged on time, it must be a constant.

However, Einstein regarded time as an illusion partially because of how hard it is to pinpoint what time it is. Yes, there are myriad watches and other sources to tell time, but the discussion not looked at is what time is being related to.

Let’s first get a little technical before simplifying this even further.

Physicist Max Tegmark from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says there are two ways of looking at reality.

There’s the three-dimension view where different occurrences happen over a period of time. This theory dates far back as Sir Isaac Newton’s time. The second way is the four dimension view, in which a place exists where nothing happens. This is also referred to as the block universe.

Essentially, according to the block universe theory, the past, present, and future exist as one.

The reason why you can’t perceive this conjoined time reality is because you are part of it, ergo, unable to view the totality of the picture.

To attempt to simplify this even further, think of a movie. When you’re watching a movie, everything has been finalized, and the movie is there; it just exists.

However, inside the movie, there’s a concept of time, in which the characters of the movie live.

In accordance with the block theory, you can be in any time of the movie at will. You can forward, rewind, pause, or stop the movie, without affecting anything in the movie.

So, in this case, you are in the movie, and the past, present, and future exist all at once.

Inside the movie, the characters could live through the years what you see in minutes. This creates the perfect illusion that things have happened at a certain time –from our memories, or something is happening in the current time, or will happen.

However, all this exists, at the same time, only our minds are limited in what to perceive and process.

3. Your thoughts shapes reality

“Watch your thoughts, for they will become actions. Watch your actions, for they’ll become… habits. Watch your habits, for they will forge your character. Watch your character, for it will make your destiny.”

Margaret Thatcher
Spiritual Truths that Science Confirms. thoughts shapes reality
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This quote by Margaret Thatcher simplifies this theory. The theory shows the mind’s power to create. For example, if you have a situation, you could spend time thinking of everything that could go wrong, or the endless possibilities.

When you choose to focus on the negative thoughts, you’ll likely give up on the idea, from the projection of everything that could go wrong. This is even more likely when you see one or two of the negative thoughts happen, which sends you into a spiral that everything you thought will be actualized.

On the other end, if you choose to focus on the positive thoughts and possibilities, your mind is more open to seeing the opportunities where these possibilities can be actualized.

From the spiritual school of thought, you get the law of attraction. This law attracts ideas, thoughts, situations, circumstances, people, and other things you think about.

Dr. Masaru Emoto played a pivotal role in backing up the spiritual theory with scientific evidence.

In the 90s, Dr. Masaru successfully tested the theory through science by documenting the physical effect of the environment, words, prayer, and music on the crystalline structure of water.

4. You’re a spiritual being on a human journey

French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is most famous for explaining they we are spiritual beings on a human journey, as opposed to the widely believed human beings going through a spiritual experience.

Spiritual Truths that Science Confirms.
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There are numerous things possible in physical life that even science has not been fully able to comprehend or explain.

The formerly mentioned déjà vu is but one of the experiences. Intuition is another great example. These examples lead science to believe there is a much deeper force, in the unconsciousness of self that helps you navigate everyday life.

The world is awash with anecdotal experiences –such as intuition, that have helped people make decisions or avoid harmful situations with no prior knowledge or forethought.

As of now, there is no scientifically proven way to reach this level of vast and deep knowledge beyond the conscious level.

Evidence, however, does allude to the existence of an experience beyond the physical universe.

5. Everything is energy, and it all vibrates at a certain frequency

This theory ties back to a few of the already listed, and it simply states that everything in the universe vibrates at varying speeds.

This stems from our knowledge of atoms, which make up everything in our universe. Your vibrating frequency is unique and different from other objects in the universe.

However, your essential building blocks –atoms, are no different from the building blocks of a table, car, tree, door, or anything else you’d think of.

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Spiritual Truths that Science Confirms.
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Thus, while you are different from a table or a car, you’re both atoms in a vast ocean of energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

This notion that nothing in the universe is ever at rest, but rather always vibrating is what goes on to create the complex theory of vibration.

Therefore, even your thought and feelings follow this basic rule. And the actions, thoughts, and feelings you have, are all vibrations you’re sending out to the universe.

When you send positive thoughts and feelings to the universe, you receive positive energies, and the same goes for negative thoughts, and this helps tie back to the law of attraction.

Ultimately, it is evident there is still a lot of research and studies needed to understand these and more theories comprehensively.

Luckily, the fields of science and spirituality are more in synchronized harmony now more than ever. And given this is the age of information, we can expect to discover and cement more spiritual theories in evidence provided for by science.

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