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Paganism in Medieval Europe

In Personal development by Chris A. Parker

Reading Time: 5 minutes The medieval age spans the period from the 5th Century to the 15th Century. At the start of it, Christianity had just survived a period of persecution. It became the official religion of the Roman …

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Merry Christmas…With Few Interesting Facts About

In Quizzes by Chris A. Parker

Reading Time: < 1 minute We all love Christmas, but none of the contemporary Christmas customs have their origin in theological or liturgical affirmations, and most are of fairly recent date. Here are a few interesting facts about this festival. …

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The 8 Major Annual Wiccan Holidays (Sabbats)

In Magick by Chris A. Parker

Reading Time: 11 minutes Have you ever heard of Wiccan Holidays or the Sabbats? If not, then you will be forgiven…After all, isn’t there such a flurry of holidays nowadays it’s hard to keep tabs?  It’s no secret that …