How to Speak to Your Subconscious Mind

How to Speak to Your Subconscious Mind

In Mind Science by Chris A. Parker

The question to start with is; what is the subconscious? The activity of the mind has been a subject of many psychological studies. The Subconscious is said to be the part of your mind that is not fully aware but has an equally powerful influence over your thoughts, actions, and decisions.

The subconscious helps to store and retrieve information in the very depths of your mind. The long term objective of this part of your mind is that you get to think and respond the way you were programmed. The way you live, work and think, and anything else you do will thus be consistent with the concept of ‘yourself.’ Think of it as an operating system that is reprogrammable. (Related reading: Subconscious Mind – 9 Facts You Should Know)

Positive thinking, for instance, by reading or listening to inspirational speakers, can be so impactful to this part of the mind. When you focus your mind on uplifting thoughts, your Subconscious begins to implement a positive pattern that then gradually changes your concept of self.

Remember that the subconscious mind doesn’t think or reason on the outer surface. It is subjective and is ruled by whatever comes from the conscious mind. Just like the subconscious can be thought of as the OS, the conscious can be considered of as the programmer. That is why the harnessing of positive ‘thinking’ can be a powerful force in one’s entire thoughts and belief system.

Important to remember

  • Your subconscious mind unquestioningly executes what the conscious commands
  • The Subconscious makes your actions and behaviors consistent with your inner thoughts and desires and what you have done in the past
  • The non-conscious is also the part of the mind that regulates the responses that don’t require learning or thinking, e.g. breathing heartbeat and body temperature.

Ways to Speak to the Subconscious

Your subconscious mind doesn’t understand the concept of time because, in truth, time doesn’t exist. The only reality is now. The time is always now. ‘I am’ and ‘It is’ are more powerful words than ‘it will’ or ‘I will.’ So instead of saying “I will be wealthy” you instead say “I am wealthy now” and so on.

Through present thought affirmations, Dr. Sheldon Leavitt, MD, believes that the mind will set to accomplish all the possibilities you set on it to achieve. Speaking to the subconscious in the present is an assurance that creates the tangibility of the things that you are perpetually seeking.

He thinks of it as a mighty hand reaching into the future and bringing to you what you would have otherwise waited for so long to achieve. The only language the subconscious understands is the present. Otherwise, you don’t need what you say you need. (Further reading: How to Write and Use Your Affirmations)

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Focus on anything else but the problem you want to solve

The subconscious mind doesn’t understand negative commands. The only way to program or reprogram yourself for a better life is through positive commands such as positive affirmations and thought patterns.  Here is an example.

Don’t think of yourself in a beautiful travel destination. Don’t think of relaxing at the beach with your loved one and creating happy memories. Don’t think of the sound of the ocean waves calming your mind and slowly lulling you to sleep.

Now, you thought of all those things, didn’t you?

That is how the subconscious mind works. It merely removes the prefix ‘don’t’ and executes the rest of the code. So when you say “I don’t want to drink anymore” you will end up drunk tonight again. Instead, say it positively. Say “I am sober starting now.”

According to Ron Williams, the man behind the Psych-K healing protocol, the worst mistake you can ever make is saying negative things to the Subconscious. The non-conscious doesn’t understand the word “DON’T.” Therefore specificity and concrete affirmations are the only way to get through to it.

Use sensory-based language to speak to the subconscious

Sensory based language is language based on the senses such a hearing, sight, feeling, smelling and tasting. The psyche resides deeper than any other part of your mind. Unlike the conscious, it neither reasons nor decodes messages. It parses them the way they are. Your language, therefore, has to be highly specific and highly urgent.

For instance, instead of saying “I am getting wealthy,” communicate precisely what that means. Speak something specific like “I earn $ 10 million a year. I have a mansion on the beach. I am the most creative copywriter in the US. I have time to enjoy life with my family and friends,” and so forth.

The more specific and non-abstracted your intent is, the easier it is for the subconscious mind to understand and execute your conscious desires. Neuroscientists believe that the subconscious reshapes your physical reality depending on such ‘programs’ that you feed your mind.

There are subliminal ways to pass the definite and specific affirmations to the Subconscious faster. These include self-hypnosis, meditations, brain wave tools or conscious reprogramming—where you regularly talk to your mind like a small child, instructing it where to go and how to think.

Stay calm and be true to what you need

Faith in yourself is a better part of the process. You have to believe in what you are commanding the subconscious mind to execute. For instance, by asking to be rich now, there shouldn’t be any negativity in your mind associated with the desire. However, asking to be wealthy when deep down, you associate wealth with evil or corrupt people won’t make things easy. Your desire won’t manifest because your true self is naturally opposing the transformation process.

Ask freely; allow yourself to have what you want without feeling guilty about it. Everything else in your ‘house’ should agree and align with your desires. Allow yourself to step into the new realities you desire. A complete reprogramming of the subconscious happens that way, and in turn, change occurs in the physical reality.

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Align your emotions with what you want

Building further on the above point, the only language the subconscious mind understands is your emotions. You might think or speak otherwise, but a negative reality comes to manifest, why is that? Deep down, you may still have a fear of being an addict, living a poor life or so forth even when you are commanding the subconscious to be sober or make you rich.

The subconscious mind catches all the energy frequencies in your mind and body. Emotions emit the most powerful of frequencies. You might get stuck on what you don’t like because you still have the same fear, resentment, and frustrations. That frequency gets sent to the subconscious mind, and being an unthinking part of your mind, it executes them as is. You, therefore, continue in the same state.

Don’t be overshadowed by other people’s fears

We share our lives with spouses, friends, and families. Their thought patterns affect our lives too. They take part in subconscious programming (when you were a child) and the reprogramming that happens later in life. Your communications to the subconscious should exclude everyone else and their beliefs. It should be about you. (Further reading: 10 Practical Ways to Stop Worrying What Other People Think)

To achieve clarity and uninterrupted communication with the subconscious, consider doing it in a meditative space or something similar. Seek some quite. You can do this in a closed room or at night just before you drift off to sleep. As much as it is about shutting other people out of your unconscious, you should also aim to shut out any mental noise and emotional rackety that may be going on inside you.

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Put it into action

Neville Goddard put it better when he said: “Make your future dream a present fact, by assuming the feeling of a wish fulfilled.” There are many ways you can accomplish that. For instance, if you reprogram your mind to be rich, go on and leave a stingy life behind. Leave a generous tip at the cafeteria, visit an auto-shop and ask to test-drive that luxurious car and so forth.

You can even change your morning alarm message to “Congratulations.” Everything around you would need to reflect your new internal beliefs. Otherwise, by acting opposite to what you want, your subconscious will recede to its old patterns, and your life will get stuck.

Your requests to the subconscious shouldn’t be stepwise strategies for future execution. The subconscious language is not binary; B doesn’t depend on A, and it can, therefore, come before A. Your happiness shouldn’t be pegged on getting married for instance, or your wealth on having a specific job. 

Create a vision board

Visualization is a must-do mind exercise when you speak to the Subconscious. Psychology Today reported a study that showed that for weight lifters, the brain patterns that activate when they lifted heavyweights were activated just the same way when they visualized lifting weights. Athletes and Olympians use the same tactics for race/match preparations.

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Your vision board can be merely a visual space in your mind or an actual vision board that you create physically. It helps to imagine what you want your life to look like after you ask what you ask of the subconscious. The vision board gives the non-conscious mind a sense of direction, given that this part of the brain cannot think on its own.

Once you have a clear image of how you want your life to be like, it is easy for your thoughts and decision making patterns to change towards fulfilling that. You cannot speak to the subconscious if you are torn between two things or are confused about what you want.

Mental imagery is believed to impact cognitive processes such as attention, memory, motor control, planning, and perception. The visualization exercise empowers the subconscious, which in turn communicates more clearly to your brain what it (you) wants to be achieved.

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Focus on how you feel

As mentioned earlier, emotions send out the most significant energy frequencies to the mind. The subconscious mind understands the emotional language better. The first step in any subliminal communication process should, therefore, be removing conflicting beliefs about your wants and desires. The subconscious works better when there is no emotional resistance. Address your ideas, beliefs, culture and such concerns before you go on to issue new instructions to your subconscious mind.

Remember as well, that even though the subconscious mind only understands the present tense, your communication should embody the biggest picture. Goals change in life, and so do wishes and desires. However, fundamental beliefs, values, and ultimate life goals remain. Clear communication with the subconscious should be about these things.

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Gratitude sends more powerful frequencies to the subconscious

Being appreciative puts you in the space of having rather than longing or wanting. The mind shifts from an anxious and uncontended dimension to a happier and satisfied one. These are positive feelings that will, in turn, catalyze more happiness in your life, according to a study conducted by Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami.

Gratitude is easily the “mother of all feelings,” controlled in the right anterior cortex of the brain. Feeling thankful activates the brain to release feel-good hormones that alter your mood and beliefs for the better. Scientists have found that gratitude indeed changes the neural structure of the brain, gradually altering the way we see the world and us. That last bit is the reprogramming of the subconscious. (Further reading: 4 Tips to Help You Cultivate Gratitude in Life)

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Don’t obsess about the “how.’

The work of thinking and strategizing is not for the psyche, so don’t burden it with that. The non-conscious mind cannot reason in your sense. So when you speak to the subconscious, leave out the ‘how.’ Your work is to state the ‘what’ clearly. Leave the rest for the thinking part of your mind to handle.

In that case, the session when you speak to the subconscious should be separate from when you sit down to budget or plan for something. Once you successfully talk to the subconscious, thinking happens much more clearly, and the how falls in place, gradually.

The goal is to open yourself to new potentials and possibilities. That is what life is about. Everything started as a possibility, and so will be the materialization of your wants and desires. Not every detail may work out as you want in the process of achieving your dreams, but if the subconscious knows that it has to attain them, you will find a way.

The subconscious is the habitat of life and your reality as you know it. It is the source of inspiration, intuition, creativity, inner knowing and the whole multi-dimensional matrix that is called life. You can speak to the subconscious through a language it understands. That entails positive affirmations, emotions, imagery and guilt-free belief.

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