Want to Know if Self Hypnosis Really Works? Do this test.

Want to Know if Self-Hypnosis Really Works? Do this test.

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Does self-hypnosis work? Is there a self-hypnosis exercise to prove that?

That is one of those questions that I get over and over again. I used to have that same old question at the beginning and do you know what answer convinced me? My own experience.

So I can give you a sweet and short answer: “Yes. Self-hypnosis works”.

But I bet you want to see it for yourself.

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Before we dive in, let me explain why this self-hypnosis exercise is so important

When we start working with our subconscious,

  1. first, we need to access it,
  2. then we give it instructions
  3. and finally, we check how it accomplished what we asked it to do.

Many people make this typical mistake

They start with a complex task; for example, they want their subconscious to stop emotional eating or to solve their relationship problems with that narcissistic person.

What happens?

Either they get no results, or they get confusing results.


Because they forgot to build up a routine;

  • to check if the connection to the subconscious is stable, (that is if they have a so-called rapport with their subconscious mind)
  • to get past their critical thinking,
  • they also fail to build up the trust in their subconscious and that they get the right response,
  • and they fail to check if they gave instructions correctly.

That is why we use funny little exercises to build up those “muscles” that are responsible for a reliable and productive relationship with your subconscious.

How to do the self-hypnosis exercise?

You don’t have to believe me. You can make your own first-hand experience.|

  1. Find a comfortable place where you are undisturbed for the next 10 minutes.
  2. Prepare your earphones and open this article on your tablet or smartphone so that you can listen to the meditation exercise.
  3. Sit down comfortably.
  4. Make sure your garments are comfortably warm, not too tight and that you don’t cross your legs. Both inhibit blood-circulation.
  5. Remember to use your imagination on all levels: imagine pictures, smell the scents, feel the textures, hear the sounds of the imagined place, explore it all the ways you can.
  6. Put on the earphones, start the video.

Here is your self-hypnosis exercise video

Important step: become aware of your experiences and sensations during the self-hypnosis exercise

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Want to Know if Self Hypnosis Really Works? Do this test.

That is an experience of self-hypnosis, which demonstrates that

a.) you gave an idea to your subconscious by imagining the lemon
b.) you triggered a response from the subconscious mind on the physical level: your mouth started to water.
c.) you became aware of the idea and the unconscious reaction on a conscious level.
d.) you got evidence that self-hypnosis works


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