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The Correct Way to Use The “Wishing Well” As A Money Spell

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There are a large number of money magic spells available. In this article, I will refer to a simple money spell that uses water magick.

Water has some very unique qualities. It is a receptive element, and science has shown that it can be programmed with specific vibrations.

We can utilize springs, founts, wells, and any other freshwater sources that flow forth from the ground and are either collected in small pools or flow to blend with other sources for this spell. A source of flowing water is preferred.

Wells and holly springs have been linked to magic and witchcraft for a long time. According to folklore, wells are where fairies may be found. Many people believe that wells and holly springs serve as portals to the other world.

Dropping money into the water as an offering or in return for a wish is an ancient ritual that may date back to pre-Roman times. Although many people believe it is not magick, it actually is.

The problem with wishing wells is that most people misuse them. You may observe people consciously making a wish as they go up to it, grabbing some spare change, and then tossing the money in.

However, you should handle this like any other spell.

Let’s look at how to cast this simple money spell. You just need a few copper coins to put the element of water to work for you in your quest for money.

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How to Do It

Step 1. Always cast the spell assuming that you have already obtained what you are requesting. Instead of asking for money, go to the well (or spring, etc.) to celebrate what you have already received. The attitude must be one of sharing what has been provided to you.

Step 2. Hold the coin in your right hand and visualize having that extra money. Imagine holding them in your hand, preferably the left (receptive hand). Use all your senses—see them, smell them, and hear them—while you fold the notes. How does it feel to hold them and even put them in your pocket (left)? 

Step 3. As you do this, direct your visualization into the coin. Imagine that everything you visualize is going into the coin. Don’t attempt to force it since it will pull you out of your relaxed state. Just be aware that the energy is being directed into the coin.

While performing these visualizations, connect with the emotions of appreciation and happiness. The simultaneous feeling is needed because that is the force! After a few minutes, you may feel as if it is complete and ready to go to the next step.

Step 4. Throw the coin into the water and walk away. Continue your daily routine and stop thinking about your spell.

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The Coin

The material of the coin is important, and you either want copper or silver coins. Unfortunately, they are not common anymore. But if you can find some copper pennies, they’re perfect for this spell because they’re great conductors. 

Internal Barriers

We all have things inside us that make it hard to get what we want out of life. Before engaging in any magical rituals, spend some time cleaning up your emotional home. By this, I mean removing some of the internal hurdles that prevent you from improving your financial situation.

When it comes to money, figuring out where you have problems will help your magick work better. It’s a lot easier to make money magick work if you know what your real problems are and really want to solve them.

Following the identification of problem areas, you must identify sources of wealth motivation. The only way magick can be effective is if we pursue goals that we are enthusiastic about.

End Words

So, can money magic help you achieve your financial goals? Anything is possible, but becoming wealthy through a wishing well is doubtful. However, if you require a few hundred dollars extra, this is the way to go. You certainly won’t hurt anything by giving it a shot!

You can absolutely improve your financial condition if you are willing to take an honest look at it. You may not find endless wealth by casting a simple spell, but it may be a terrific way to start moving in the right direction. Another thing to keep in mind is that money is a tool, not an end in itself. So, if you have a certain item in mind, it might be better to cast for that rather than money.

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