Sigil Magick – How to Create and Charge your Sigil

Sigil Magick – How to Create and Charge your Sigil

In Magick by Chris A. Parker

In modern times sigils are used as a method that makes your intention become a reality. A sigil is charged with the will of its creator. You can transform, your desired outcome, from words or thoughts into a symbol that makes sense to you.

This brings it a step closer to reality. Some people use sigils as tools to focus their will, others use them as a way to access the hidden supernatural world.

In the past sigils made use of traditional lore which was passed down through generations or by books. A modern user is more likely to create his own sigil. Learning how to create and charge a sigil, is simple enough and does not require complicated rituals. All you need is paper and a pen.

In this article, we are dealing with sigil magick and we describe step by step how to create and make use of your own sigil. Read it to the end to get a full view of this topic.

What is a sigil?

A sigil is a unique personal symbol that represents the magician’s desired outcome, goal, or desire, and therefore has been charged with a specific magickal intention.

It does not represent or mean anything by itself. Has only meaning for the magician who has created it.

The word Sigil originates from the Latin word “sigillum” which means “seal”. The members of the Golden Dawn were perfectly familiar with it and used them to make talismans.

The artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare, in the 19th century, established his own distinct method of developing and utilizing sigils, which has actually had a big impact on modern occultism. Basically, Spare changed the Medieval practice of using sigils to evoke entities, arguing that such supernatural beings were merely complexes in the unconscious, and could be actively created through the sigilization process.

The big distinction with Spare’s method was that he ignored all the pre-existing beliefs, so the sigils were no longer for controlling traditional demons, and angels, but rather for controlling forces in the unconscious psyche of the specific operator.

Sigils are coded with a unique purpose and can be deciphered only by their creators,  permitting the intention to remain a secret as the universe works to line up and provide the wanted result. This gives them amazing power.

Sigils and Chaos Magick

Sigils are associated with and commonly used in Chaos Magick. By its nature, this kind of magick is experimental and tends to evolve quickly. That means that there are many “right” ways to create, charge and activate sigils. This may be confusing at the begging but end up being great.

In chaos magick believed that everyone, to some extent, creates his own world. You need to handle the unlimited power of your unconscious mind to achieve the desired outcome. In order to do this, you need to have faith in yourself rather than in a spirit or deity. Your belief is your tool.

Chaos magick is less complex and uses fewer tools than ceremonial magick but is equally powerful.

To charge a chaos magick spell, and sigils are one form of a spell, you must be in “gnosis” *, likewise called an altered state of consciousness. This state can be achieved through many different methods such as meditation, dance, intense physical effort, and even sexual intercourse.

Only, when you have actually reached this specific mental state you can have access to your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind does not follow the very same rules as your conscious mind. It is not restricted by reasoning, worries, and the negative patterns of your ego.

Being in a state of “gnosis” unlocks an entirely new world of possibilities. Anything becomes possible because you are not restricted by the belief that it’s impossible.

Nevertheless, be very mindful of what you wish for. Chaos magick is neutral, so you may be surprised by the outcomes of your spells.

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How Sigils Speak to Your Unconscious Mind

The power of sigils lies in their ability to bypass the conscious mind to implant your desire in the unconscious.

You developed them with a particular goal in mind. With time, you forget it. You see your sigil, but you can’t remember what it indicates. But your unconscious still knows. Even when you forgot their meaning, they still speak to your unconscious. That’s the true magick of the sigils.

What you will need

All that you need to practice sigil magick are some sheets of paper and a pencil. Alternatively, you can use paints, whiteboards, digital arts, drawing and painting applications, and so on. Feel free to experiment with different methods to see which fits best for you. I prefer the traditional paper and pencil.

Clear your mind.

Before you begin your ritual, take a minute to relax and clear any negative energy. If you like you can take a salt bath, put on some relaxing music, or light some incense. Ensure nobody is going to interrupt you. Always before a magick ritual, your mind must be clear and relaxed.

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How to Define and Write Your Intention

First of all, decide what you want and be absolutely clear about it. Write down your statement of intent as an affirmation following the guidelines below. (Further reading: Simple Process of Creating Powerful Affirmations to Change your Life)

  • Be as specific as you can.
  • Use the present tense. Phrase it as though you’ve already got what you want. Do not use the “I want …” structure. “I want” implies that you lack something. While this difference seems insignificant, it is really important. The former aligns your energy with the result you want, the latter aligns you with the state of wanting itself. To put it simply, when you express your intention as something you want in the future, it will stay something you want in the future… forever.
  • Make a single sentence and keep it relatively short.
  • Write it as positively as possible. Avoid using “do not”.
  • Pay special attention to your wording and never use languages that you do not speak fluently.

Lastly, take some time and consider your intention. Is it good for you? Is it your desire or just meet the expectations of the people around you? Don’t forget, that you will put in your statement of intent is that you will get. Ask wisely.

As an example, for this article, let’s assume that I live in an old house that doesn’t provide the safety and comfort that I need. So, I want to move to a new one. According to the guidelines that we discussed above the statement of intent could be:

I live in a new safe and comfortable house.

This sentence is short and concise. It is positive – It doesn’t describe what I don’t want, but what I want, and in the present tense. Like I have already moved to the desired house.

How to Create your Sigil

There are many ways to create a sigil. The method I’ll show here is among the more traditional variations but any approach that permits you to condense an intent into a single symbol will work. Simply bear in mind that the goal of sigil magick is to speak to your unconscious. The sigil must mean something to you, and you only.

There are no good or bad sigils. It does not matter if it’s beautiful or not, as long as it talks to you. So, do not stress over the aesthetic value of the sigil unless that’s something that you believe would benefit your magick. The important part is to feel that the symbol has power when you are ended up. If that happens, your sigils will work even if they’re doodles done in pencil on a napkin.

Strikeout all the vowels.

First, write your sentence of intent in capital letters on a sheet of paper.

Start modifying your sentence into a symbol by erasing or crossing out all of the vowels from your sentence.

So, using the sentence above as an example, we would be left with:


Strikeout duplicate consonants.

Then remove all duplicate consonants so that you have only one of each letter present. Now our sentence became:


These letters are the main symbols of your sigil.

How to Create your Sigil
Rewrite and Rearrange the letters until you have a new symbol.

Re-write and combine the remaining letters to create one symbol. Start playing with these letters. Put some on top of others, reverse them, turn them upside down, and include decorating lines, arrows, circles, moons, swoops, and stars to shroud the meaning entirely. Try to use all shapes while keeping it simple. You can even add colors according to your magickal purpose.

It would be helpful if you stop thinking of what you have remaining as individual letters, and start thinking of them as individual symbols.

Keep experimenting with these shapes and try to fit them into a single symbol. It’ll take some rearranging and a number of attempts to get it from the odd-looking smudge into a powerful symbol, but simply keep trying until it appears like something you like.

Do not hurry, creating your sigil is part of the process.

This is my attempt at the sentence we used above. As you can see, I have added the Sowilo Rune, a symbol for goal achievement and success. It is somehow weird, definitely not visually appealing but it doesn’t matter. It is obvious that I don’t have any sense of art.

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How to Create your Sigil
My Sigil

How to Create your Sigil Using your Computer (alternative)

Another way to create your sigil is by using your computer. You do not need any special software. A program like Powerpoint or Paint is enough. With these programs, we can have each letter as an individual element and handle it as we want. Increase or decrease their size, change the font, rotate and line them in a different order, add colors, symbols, lines, and generally do anything we can imagine. For our example, I am using Powerpoint.

  • Create a text box and write the letters that are the main symbols of your sigil. In this case ” LVNWSFDCMTRBH”. Place a space between them to make it easier to separate them.
How to Create your Sigil Using your Computer
  • Try out different fonts for the entire phrase or for each letter to find one that you like. I chose four fonts:  Wingdings 2, Calibri, Webdings, MS Outlook.
  • Select and move each letter individually and start designing your sigil. In this step, you can add some symbols, if this has meaning for you, duplicate some letters if you wish your design to be more symmetrical.
How to Create your Sigil Using your Computer
  • Keep trying until it appears as something you like but do not hurry, as we mentioned before, the act of creating your sigil is part of the process. When finished you can print your sigil or save it as an image. This is my attempt, in color and grayscale. Then proceed to the next steps.
How to Create your Sigil Using your Computer

Charging Your Sigil

But this symbol it’s still just a drawing with no power. To turn it into a symbol of power, you have to charge it with your intention.

First, draw your sigil on a clean sheet of paper. Alternatively, you can use any other surface such as a wall, a mirror, a glass, etc.

Then, you must get into a state of gnosis (raise your energy).  There are several ways to get there.

  • You can use anything that raises your heartbeat and makes you feel fully alive like dancing, workout, shadow boxing etc. When your preferred activity reaches its peak, visualize your sigil with your mind’s eye. See it bright, pulsing with energy, charged, and powerful. In order to charge the sigil, you need to have an absolutely clear mind to visualize it.
  • You can use a strong emotion. In order to use this method, you can dive into your memory and recall a time when you were really happy.
  • The easiest and safest way to get there is by meditation. Sit down comfortably. Concentrate on your breathing. Then, visualize your intent having come true and feel appreciation for that. (For more effective visualization read our article “Visualization Techniques For Great Results”)

In both last methods, when you are at peak emotion, stare at the sigil and imagine all that emotion pouring into it. In your mind’s eye, see the sigil glow and pulse with life and energy.

To speed up the process, chant your sentence of intent out loud as many times as you want to reach the desired state. When the charging is complete, you will feel it.

Release the Sigil and Forget it. 

Now comes the most difficult and at the same time the most important part. You must release its energies and forget about it.

The best way to release its energies into the Universe is to destroy it.

Depending on the material in which you drew your sigil, there are many ways to destroy it. You can burn it, bury it, tear it into pieces and throw it into the wind and whatever you can imagine. Alternatively, you can simply throw it in the trash. Generally, it is a good idea to use the forces of nature to destroy it.

Until this time, you have created, charged, and released your sigil. The last step is to forget about it. You followed all the procedures with discipline, you did your best, you don’t need to focus on it anymore. In fact, if you think about it, waiting for the results, you will get in the way. Why? Because while still thinking about it with your conscious mind, you can not transfer your message into your subconscious mind. You are filtering it out. You have done your part, now let the hidden powers do their own part.

Keep in mind that the effects of magick will constantly come to you in a sensible way. They are constantly unexpected and appear as a coincidence. ( Related reading: Synchronicity Meaning and Examples – Reality or Bias? – opens in a new tab)

So, continue your day and forget about the sigil. Do something completely different and distracting. Additionally, don’t forget that you still need to work towards your desired outcome.

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Surround your sigil to increase its power 

You can enhance your magick intent by surrounding your sigil with signs, patterns, and symbols. The sigil surroundings as we call them.

This step of sigil creation is undervalued, but it can give an energetic boost to your sigil and thus the manifestation of your intent.

The circle, triangle, and square are the simplest of these, while the pentagram is more advanced.


Circles are one of the oldest geometric shapes, and people often use them to show protection, unity, wholeness, infinity, and concentration.

The magical purpose of placing a circle around a sigil is to provide the sigil its own place to work in, protecting it from other influences and allowing it to more efficiently build up power from the circle’s energy. Circles can also indicate holding something inside and preventing it from being released.

Some practitioners draw two circles around their sigils to assure that there are no energy leaks. Fill the space between these two circles with more sigils, magical symbols, or a magickal alphabet of some kind to increase the power of the sigil inside.


The triangle embodies the energies of manifestation, ascension, and duality while it is the symbol of the Trinity. Sigils surrounded by a point-up triangle are considerably more expansive and energetic, whereas sigils encircled by a point-down triangle are much more passive and decrease the spiritual energy to a more material plane level. Triangles are also used as a summoning symbol.

Squares and Rectangles

Solidity, balance, structure, dependability, balance, and the material plane are all represented by squares.

Sigils with a square border can be contained and have their energy stored. It is for sigils that are employed in a more balanced condition, where their energy is used more like a battery and called upon. The square also helps the sigil’s energy to increase, and if there are more sigils or other magical symbols within the square, their energies will mix to create a new, distinct energy. This information is also applicable to rectangles.

Pentagram and Pentacle

The pentagram is a sign of protection, warning, and power in occult traditions and Wicca.

You can place your symbol in the center of the pentagram or pentacle to become stronger and absorb the energies of the elements. Using the pentacle would also provide you with the magical powers of the circle, thus supercharging your symbol. Also, you can use the spots on the star’s arms, legs, and head to add more sigils to strengthen your original one.

Surround your sigil to increase its power

More about Sigil Magick

  • The power of the sigil originates from the act of creating the symbol itself. The procedure of taking an intention and transforming it into a magical symbol encodes the meaning of that symbol and its magical capacity into your subconscious. The point of doing this is to be able to bypass the doubts and limiting beliefs of the conscious mind and tap straight into the power of the subconscious, where your power isn’t restricted by those limitations.
  • Consequently, using a sigil created by someone else does not work. Or, at least, it will not work the way a sigil should work. It’s just like using a random symbol to focus on the intention of your conscious mind. Although this can still work and be effective it is not tapping into the subconscious in the way a sigil is supposed to.
  • It’s best to start with something that’s practically within reach, rather than something that appears difficult. That does not imply you can’t progress to ‘impossible things’ in the future. It’s just that you need to begin small in order to find out how to work it.
  • The approach that we explained above isn’t the only way to create a sigil. You can use other symbols too. In numerous ways, symbols are more powerful than words due to the fact that they can hold a lot of information within a few lines.
  • Another method to create your sigil is the “Pictorial method”. The first step is to calm down, so sit down and relax. Focus strongly on your desire. Now close your eyes. Take the pen. Allow your hand to roam freely through the paper, without your intervention (automatic drawing). Do it till you feel it is enough. Relax even more, while being focused on your desire. Then look directly at the paper and notice the very first shape of it that catches your eye. Highlight it. Then, draw it on a new piece of paper. Look at it and “fix it” as you feel is right. Continue to charge it and release it as we have already described.
  • The creation of a sigil is definitely a type of spellwork. You can use it for any purpose but try to be ethical and think twice about what you are asking for. What you give out is what you get back.
  • You can make sigils and use them as talismans or amulets (Here is an article that clarifies the differences between Talismans and Amulets). In this case, you do not destroy them. After charging, you can place them somewhere that is proper for your purpose. For example, you can create a sigil to protect your home and place it outside your door. Or even use them on sticky notes for quick and minor purposes. Nevertheless, the principle remains the same, you must forget your sentence of intention. With this in mind do not try to remember the phrase of your intent every time your eye falls on your sigil. Instead, you can feel the positive emotions derived from accomplishing your desire.
  • A good practice is to copy your sigil into your magickal diary, or your Book of Shadows, along with its phrase of intent. This way you can go back later and take a look at what works best for you.
  • Keep all the procedures simple. Subconscious likes simplicity.

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Austin Osman Spare in his book “The Book of Pleasure: The Psychology of Ecstasy( wrote: “Sigils are the art of believing; my invention for making belief organic, ergo, true belief”

Sigils are powerful and you can utilize them easily. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can start practicing Sigil magick right away. However, do not limit yourself. As we have seen, there is not only one way to create or use them.

Do not hesitate to try different combinations and keep what suits you best. The outcome will surprise you. 

Keep Studying – Keep practicing!

* In chaos magic, “gnosis” or “the gnostic state” refers to an altered state of consciousness in which a person’s mind is focused on only one point, thought, or goal, and all other thoughts are thrust out.

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